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Blast Off To The Universe! : 

Blast Off To The Universe! Take a ride to the planets with Room 222

Facts about Mercury : 

Facts about Mercury Mercury looks like the Moon. It is dark and cold when far away from the Sun, and light and hot when it is near the Sun. Mercury is straight up and down on its axis.

Life on Mercury? : 

Life on Mercury? There is no atmosphere at all. There are no clouds, which means there is no water to rain down. There is no water, so there is no food either. Because there is no atmosphere, there are no plants, and there are no animals. If there are no animals, there can be no people because people eat animals. Even though there is no atmosphere, there is still gravity.

Venus : 

Venus The Earth and Venus are like sisters because they are the same size and both have electricity and heat. Venus also has volcanoes and mountains.

Life on Venus? : 

Life on Venus? It is too hot (864 degrees F) and there’s no water. Venus does not have people or houses because Venus is so hot. The Sun blasts it and there is a really hot “blanket” called its atmosphere. It has electricity on it.

Earth : 

Earth The Earth is a round planet with other planets all around it. The Earth has many continents. It has one moon.

Earth : 

Earth The Earth has a magnetic field that protects it from the Sun’s radiation. If the Earth didn’t have the magnetic field, the Sun would burn us.

The Inside of the Earth : 

The Inside of the Earth Magma Crust

Mars : 

Mars Mars has possible life because it has water. Not as much gravity Some energy from the Sun Not as much air Really cold - unsuitable for people Colder at the poles Two rovers on Mars - Spirit and Opportunity

Jupiter : 

Jupiter Jupiter has all dots and lines all over it. This is weather. Jupiter has a black and white dot - does that mean that the black dot gets very bad winds? If you tried to step on Jupiter, you would go to its core because Jupiter is all gas and there is no land. If you throw a match at Jupiter, it would crumple up and explode.

Jupiter : 

Jupiter If you put Jupiter in the Sun, it would burn up. Jupiter is really cold. (-234 F) There is no oxygen, so there is no life. There is no air that we can breathe. Jupiter has 63 moons.. Jupiter’s gravity is so awesome! Io has volcanoes. When it is next to Jupiter, it erupts a lot.

Saturn : 

Saturn Saturn’s rings are made of rock. Some of the rocks are big. Some have been turned to dust. Saturn’s hurricanes are way bigger than Earth’s. They are bigger than Earth itself! Saturn is the 2nd biggest planet in our solar system. Saturn has a moon called Titan which might be the only moon we know that has life.

Saturn : 

Saturn Saturn has lots of moons. Saturn is like the Sun, except it is not a star because it is too cold. Saturn is almost made out of what the Sun is made out of. It would take thousands of Saturns to create one Sun. Saturn has no life on it because you can’t even step onto it. It’s made out of gas. You would be crushed. Saturn is cold. (-288 degrees F) One of Saturn’s moons, Mimas, looks like the Death Star.

Uranus : 

Uranus Uranus is blue and is tilted. You can’t really see the rings because they are made out of dust. Uranus is made out of gas and ice. This planet has 27 different moons and counting. Uranus’s moons are all named after characters from Shakespeare’s plays.

Neptune : 

Neptune has rings made of dust particles. Neptune has a big hole that scientists think is a hole in the atmosphere, or bad, bad weather. The white areas on Neptune mean that there is weather there. Neptune is blue because of its atmosphere. Neptune is the farthest planet from the Sun that has rings. It is also the farthest planet, period. It is very cold on Neptune. Neptune

Pluto : 

Pluto Pluto is quite small. Pluto is a dwarf planet. Pluto is not a real planet. Pluto is too cold for its atmosphere to keep from freezing. Pluto has an atmosphere when it is close to the Sun. Pluto has 3 moons. One of them is part of a “double planet” with Pluto.

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