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Creating Animated Gifs : 

Creating Animated Gifs By: Alexis K.

Step One : 

Step One First to create an animated gif you need to take a few pictures of something in motion, which you can use the continuos setting.

Step Two : 

Step Two Second you need to open all of your pictures in adobe Photoshop Elements. To do this you go File-Open, and select all of the photos you will use. After they are open create a new document under File-New-Blank File.

Step Three : 

Step Three You need to then start to drag the pictures, in order, onto the new blank document. If dragging the pictures do not work then try clicking on the picture, then hold Ctrl down and press A, Then hold Ctrl down and press C. When you have done that to a picture, select the blank document and hold down Ctrl and press V. This will paste it into the blank document.

Step Four : 

Step Four

Step Five : 

Step Five After you preview your animated gif, go back to the dialog box and press Continue. This will take you to the next step where you choose where to save your gif.

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