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WHAT IS CULTURE ? Levina Herr MSN RN Spring 2010


OBJECTIVES Define Culture Define the theory of culture Identify Hispanic Culture traits Identify Acculturation

Definition of Culture : 

Definition of Culture Is a way of life for a group of people Accepted beliefs & traditions passed along from one generation to another

Theory of Culture : 

Theory of Culture Culture determines personal life that is mediated through language Caring is shown by being helpful and is based on cultural defined helpful tasks (Chinn & Kramer, 2004)

Hispanic Culture : 

Hispanic Culture language (accent) traditions (dance) Religion (Catholic)

Manifestations of Hispanic Culture : 

Manifestations of Hispanic Culture Symbols: Sombrero, dresses Rituals: Shaking of hand to greet others Values: La Familia

Definition of Acculturation : 

Definition of Acculturation Adaption to a culture (Webster's dictionary) Acculturation was learned when I married into another culture First there was communication in a normal tone. Second there were no tears shed at funerals

Is Acculturation a Dynamic Construct? : 

Is Acculturation a Dynamic Construct? Research on bilingual Mexican American students Symbols representative of Mexican and US American Culture were shown Hispanics reported greater acculturation to US culture compared to Mexican (Lechuga, 2008)

Summary : 

Summary It is important to learn other cultures as faculty in education and to acculturate to students needs Caring could be a mode of acculturation within different cultures.

References : 

References Chinn, P. & Kramer, M.(2004). Leininger’s Theory of Nursing: Cultural Care Diversity and Universality, 1998. St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby Lechuga, J. (2008). Is acculturation a dynamic construct? Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, (30) 3, 324-339. Webster's New World Dictionary. (2003). 4th ed. New York: Wiley

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