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Our vehicle lettering is made out of professional grade vinyl materials. With these materials you can create the perfect text or graphics to customize any vehicle.


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Custom Vehicle Lettering:

Custom Vehicle Lettering

What is vehicle lettering???:

What is vehicle lettering??? Our vehicle lettering is made out of professional grade vinyl materials. With these materials you can create the perfect text or graphics to customize any vehicle. Whether it's for personal or commercial.You can have so much fun customizing your vehicle by adding this simple touch!

Why vehicle lettering? :

Why vehicle lettering? Vehicle lettering can be used in many different aspects. Either commercial or just for personal use. Companies like to promote their business by adding vehicle lettering to their commercial vehicles (phone numbers, logo, brand etc) Many people also use vehicle lettering for personal use. Like a “his and her” vehicle,family emblems or names across the back windshield. Either way vehicle lettering is a great way to get your message out there.

When applying vehicle lettering …. :

When applying vehicle lettering …. Applying vinyl vehicle lettering is very simple. Make sure the surface you are placing your decal at is very clean and smooth. Apply your decal slowly while pushing down from the middle and working your way to the outside of the image or text. You can use a squeegee when applying to get out trapped air. Using a heat gun or blow dryer to set image also helps. After placing on the vehicle, start to take off the back piece of the vinyl making sure the decal is still stuck to the vehicle itself. Visit http :// for more details.


FAQS --Can you design the vehicle lettering for me? We sure can! If you would like a quote for this please send us a message with as much detail as possible and we will get you a quote for your custom vehicle lettering. --What kind of surfaces does this work for? Our vehicle lettering will stick to most smooth, or very lightly textured surfaces like painted walls, glass, smooth metal and finished wood. If you have a rough uneven textured surface it will not stick to that. -- What if I get a bubble under my vehicle lettering? Most dime-sized air bubbles will come out over time by the heat of the sun. Larger bubbles can be pricked in the middle with with a needle or razor. Press evenly on all sides to allow the air to escape and to prevent the vinyl from pinching or rolling over on itself. -- Will the vehicle lettering damage my paint job? No! Just be sure to gently heat the vinyl with a heat gun or hair dryer before you attempt to remove it. Then simply begin peeling the lettering off the surface. -- Can you wash and wax over vehicle lettering? you sure can. As soon as you have finished installing the vehicle lettering you can wash and wax your vehicle. We would recommend waiting a couple of hours to give the adhesive enough time to settle.


WE CAN HELP! Here at Lettering On The Cheap can help with all your vehicle lettering or decal needs! From colors to fonts to graphic design, we are here to help guide you through creating your own personalized vehicle. If any questions or help designing contact our graphics and customer service reps and they can help right away! GO GET STARTED! Visit http ://

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