The Cold War Unit Lesson Plan Proposal

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The Cold War Unit Lesson Plan Proposal:

The Cold War Unit Lesson Plan Proposal By Leticia Garcia EDSC 304

Standards, Big Ideas, and 21st Century Skill:

Standards, Big Ideas, and 21 st Century Skill California State History-Social Science Standards: 11.9.3 War and containment policy, including the following: The era of McCarthyism, instances of domestic Communism (e.g., Alger Hiss) and blacklisting The Truman Doctrine The Berlin Blockade The Korean War The Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis Atomic testing in the American West, the “mutual assured destruction” doctrine, and disarmament policies The Vietnam War Latin American policy Big Ideas: The start of the Cold War; Anti-Communist Polices; War in Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, and the Middle East; the End of the Cold War. 21 St Century Skill: Students will use computers to gather documents and primary sources, to analyze and evaluate the impact of the cold war.

Learning Objectives and Assessments:

Learning Objectives and Assessments Objectives • Students will learn about the major causes and evaluate the start of the Cold War. • Students will evaluate ways in which the American government imagined and implemented anti-Communist policies abroad and at home. • Students will discuss the effects of the Cold War on individual Americans. • Students will debate, discuss and analyze the Cold war as it came to Vietnam, Cuba, Korea, and the Middle East. • Students will discuss how the end of the Cold War impacted the World. Assessments Entry Level: Students will be given a Pre-Test, teacher will use this to find out the students prior knowledge on the Cold War. Formative Assessment: Students will be given a series of Cornell Notes to fill in the blanks as the teacher lectures. Summative: Students will conduct a research on the lasting impression of the Cold War in the World, and how it still affects us today.

Learning Activities:

Learning Activities In Class Debate: Teacher will provide students with four documents, two for the side of the United Nation, and two for the Soviet Union. Students will be expected to read all for documents, using guided questions to thoroughly analyze each document. Students will then be split into groups, each group taking a stance and having an educational debate on Who was responsible for the Cold War, the US or the USSR. My life during the Red Scare: Students will search for primary sources in the Library of Congress for sources pertaining to citizens in the United States during the Red Scare. They well use these as a guide to structure ten diary entries of their life in the US during the Red Scare.

Why did I chose this topic?:

Why did I chose this topic? The reason why I chose the Cold War as my topic to create a technology-rich unit plan because it is a topic that most impacts the lives of todays. During the Cold War, many policies were created in accordance to the protection of the citizens from communists, how the war in other nations still influence today’s foreign policy, and so much more. This topic is appealing to me because it was the emergence of the United States as a leading nation.

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