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This is a description of the email system we use at Williams Unified School District.


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Presentation by: Leslie Mitchell WEMS Technology : Free Student E-mail Accounts! Thousands of schools use the Gaggle Network to provide safe, teacher-controlled email accounts for students.

Gaggle allows us to: : 

Gaggle allows us to: Block SPAM   Automatically monitor messages   Block pornographic email   Review student messages   Block curse words   Block email with outsiders

Great educational features for students! : 

Built in Language Translation feature supporting 13 different languages including Spanish, French, German and Chinese. Online file storage and file sharing is available through Gaggle.Net's Digital Locker feature. Each user has 2.5 megabytes of space that can be used for either email or online file storage. Blogging Tool with built in student safety features such as: block outsider access, allow commenting, hide full names and email addresses, allow html, allow images, block offensive text, block pornography, blog entry approval required and other safety features. Message Boards customized for the District, Schools and Classrooms. The teacher created message boards are automatically filtered for content with access granted on a per user basis. Each teacher may create up to 5 message boards for use by their students. Safe profile pages. These encourage positive student relationships and self expression. Schools can opt in or opt out of profile pages. Safe chat rooms. Real time discussions with students in their district. Extend the learning environment and the school day. Great educational features for students! All of these options are controlled by the district Gaggle administrator.

Safety first! : 

Safety first! Automatic content monitoring of student email with questionable messages redirected to teacher accounts. Automatic monitoring of incoming and outgoing mail against an approved list of addresses and domains. Anti-Pornography Scanner (APS) that automatically detects and blocks embedded pornographic images as attachments, as well as those in attachments, zip files, as linked images or on web sites included as URLs in the message body. The scanner is exceptionally accurate and in most cases it can detect the difference between pictures of students in bathing suits and pornographic images. Please note that Gaggle.Net is the only student email provider to offer an automated system that blocks inappropriate images from reaching your students.

The BEST thing about! : 

The BEST thing about! Gaggle allows the administrator control of what can be written and who can correspond with the students. Messages with inappropriate words are automatically re-routed to the teacher's account. This allows the teacher to decide whether or not the student gets to see the message.

Gaggle in the classroom. : 

Gaggle in the classroom. “Gaggle email is an excellent tool for supporting student achievement! My students are more engaged, and their literacy skills are improving everyday as they participate in blogging, message boards, and chat rooms. Gaggle has made it simple to incorporate more writing in all of my classes.” Erin Mattis – Teacher Leonard Township, AZ

About WUSD # 2 Accounts : 

About WUSD # 2 Accounts Students of WUSD # 2 have successfully been using as our student e-mail provider for 8 years. Students get a Gaggle account in the 7th grade after learning how to use e-mail properly in class. Students can continue to use their account in 7th-12th grade; as long as their privileges are not revoked. If students move, but continue to use their account properly, they can keep it until graduation. Parents, as well as teachers can limit access for students if necessary.

WUSD # 2 E-mail : 

WUSD # 2 E-mail For many safety and security reasons, accounts are the ONLY e-mail accounts that students can access on school grounds. E-mails are for educational purposes first and foremost. Parents can contact the administrator if they would like to monitor their students activity on Gaggle. They may NOT log into the students accounts themselves.

Awesome NEW features coming soon! : 

Awesome NEW features coming soon! Online calendars that can be customized for the district schools and individual teachers Email pen pals and other Internet projects that can safely connect teachers and students from around the world. Internet homework centers will allow students to share knowledge and get help. Online video conferences will give students the chance to learn from experts and work with mentors in various fields. Email access through wireless devices such as a Cell phone or Blackberry Integration with a mailing listserv programs such as mailman and a web based interface for administering the accounts. Blogging tools for students and teachers. Polling tools for creating online voting systems Parent Accounts for greater home-to-school communication Student Pod-Casting Tools Student Wikipedia System

The future! : 

The future! WUSD #2 is working hard to be a school district of tomorrow. The Gaggle.Net email service is the first of many learning tools we will offer. We invite you to grow with us as we help to prepare for the virtual classroom of the future.

For more information… : 

For more information… For more information please contact the administrator for WUSD # 2 . OR Go to and learn more today! Information from

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