Leslie McHugh works as an ER Nurse at a Moscow Medical Facility

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Leslie McHugh is a knowledgeable, professional ER nurse based in Russia. She has been working with a reputed medical facility in Moscow for more than 5 years. At this facility, she is responsible for attending patients with different medical conditions, providing emergency medical care, and assisting medical professionals.


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Leslie McHugh holds Comprehensive Knowledge of Emergency Care


Leslie McHugh, an ER Nurse, holds comprehensive experience in handling different operations of emergency care. She has attended patients of all age groups, and provided quality medical care. She is a diligent person with exceptional organizational, interpersonal, and critical thinking capabilities. She works at a Paris based medical facility.


Emergency care nurses are responsible for providing necessary care to the patients in emergency conditions. Based on the requirements, they provide important healthcare treatments until the doctor arrives. Thus, it is important for the nurses to be trained in attending patients in critical conditions, analyzing their reasons of illness and injury.


Leslie McHugh has vast experience as an ER Nurse . She is very dedicated towards her work, and has always loved to learn new things so that patients get the best. She keeps herself updated with the latest advances in the emergency care by reading medical journals and magazines.


She is an educated professional with a bachelor and an associate degree in nursing. After that, she did her training in emergency healthcare from a reputed hospital in Paris, and then started working for the hospital. She was responsible for attending a variety of patients on daily basis, and through the years, she earned a solid background in the emergency care.


Leslie McHugh has a touching story behind earning a successful career as a nursing professional. When she was a 10 years old girl, she saw a car accident, in which a young man injured badly. She and the people around came forward, and called the doctor through the phone. The doctor took approximately 15 minutes, and the man ended up his life on the road just because he did not get proper emergency care.


After that incident, she decided to pursue her career as a nurse to provide necessary medical care to patients in the emergency. Her parents and friends supported her in building a successful career.


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