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World Cat group project


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WorldCat Tutorial:

WorldCat Tutorial By Arielle Middleman, Elaine Menken, Geraldine Brennan, Harriet Simons, Lesley Carey, Melanie Schneeflock, Melinda Helfer, &Thomas Holloway

PowerPoint Presentation:

Links the collections of 72,000 libraries in 170 countries that participate in Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Currently 1,900,000,000 holdings in World Cat and Growing!

What is found in WorldCat?:

What is found in WorldCat? Physical Items: Books Music CDs DVDs Journals and Magazines Government Publications Digital Items: E-Books Powerpoint Presentations Audiobooks Images Films Sound Recordings Other Video games Maps Digital Versions of Rare Items

How to access WorldCat::

Through your own library How to access WorldCat:

Help Me! Search Tips for WorldCat:

Help Me! Search Tips for WorldCat General tips: Clear all fields before a new search. Click on “show tip” to the right of exit. ? Marks signs which indicate helpful hints. Basic Search: Narrow search by placing search term in quotation marks. Author’s name can be in any order (last first or first last). Use keyword, author, title, ISBN or year.

Help Me! (More) More Search Tips for WorldCat:

Help Me! (More) More Search Tips for WorldCat Advanced Search: Search can be limited to a particular library. There is a selection of databases. You can search by format, languag e, or type of content. Expert Search: Click on ? Sign for an extensive list on Boolean searching. + = and/or. Use + at end for plurals. Truncation (*) searches a term and its variations. Wildcards (#) represent from zero to nine characters in a search. # represents a single character. Both truncation and wildcards can be used after the third character.

Boolean Operators:

Boolean Operators

Basic WorldCat Search :

Basic WorldCat Search Example: searching for a book on Chaucer written in French. Enter “Chaucer” in first search box. Click on “search”. 52,315 items appear. (Voila!)

Advanced Search Options::

Advanced Search Options : You can limit your search to: “books, articles, visual materials, and musical scores” “author, title, publisher, ISBN” “specific years, or language”

Expert WorldCat Search::

Expert WorldCat Search :

Desired Results:

Desired Results After a book is found you will click on “see more details for locating this item”. Then on “search the catalog in your library”. Lastly, click on “Send a request to ILL” (interlibrary loan).


Narrow by Format Mark/ Marked Records Detailed Record Availability Results:

What to do with Your Results::

What to do with Your Results:

For More Help with WorldCat: :

For More Help with WorldCat: http:// to view Clarion Library options including: Illiad Instructions Help from a librarian Various tutorials for library use Citation help OCLC phone 1-800-848-5878


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