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My School Life In Gung Guan:

My School Life In Gung Guan By Yu Ling Fan

My Graduation Speech:

My Graduation Speech At this moment. I am very excited and upset. Dear classmates , I think most of us have been in 305 for two years , and this place holds many good memories of us . Now we are about to leave here . I am sure all of us still remember how happy we were during the class ,

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how excited when we played games together . It is hard for me to forget these wonderful memories , and leave them behind ! But we should be joyful for one thing that our teacher always cheer us up or guide us like a light which can light up the whole world . It is not only dear but also important to us!!!

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At this moment we could be happy , excited and alittle sad . Now the most impotant thing is take the future on , face the challenges ahead and leave mistakes behind!

Grandpa Banana:

Grandpa Banana Grandpa Banana which can call-in our memories and recall our story! NOW LET US GO !


Holloween 小梁 In the house~! Would you like to marry him?! If you want , just yes!


Holloween He is called 溫晉德 . He is a real “ 騷包 ” , because 晉德 always shy at the usual time , But this day …


Holloween Wow~ who show her love to “ 金剛芭比陳聖坤 ” ?!


Holloween Hold 住女郎 — 小白


Holloween 林宴廷 ran away his wedding !!!


Holloween This is 鄰家女孩風 of 巫嘉軒 !

This is Holloween’s Ending!:

This is Holloween ’ s Ending!


Christmas There is a impressive party in 305! All of us were “ crazy ” during the activity!!!


Christmas We are group 4~~! Singing and dacing are so happy!!!


Christmas Change the gift which is prepared from classmates!

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