Decorating Tips for Small & Large Living Rooms

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Decorating Tips for Small & Large Living Rooms :

Decorating Tips for Small & Large Living Rooms

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For many families, the living room is the heart of the home or at the centre of all the action. Whether your living room is on the small side or larger than average, these tips will help you make the most of your space, from choosing the right furnishings to arranging them in ways that not only compliment your décor but maximize your enjoyment of the room.

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Small Living Room Style Tips Selecting Your Furniture & Choosing a Colour Scheme : Choosing living room furniture in lighter shades and pieces that incorporate glass or metal will help make the room appear more open, even when space is limited. Coffee tables, sofas and chairs with wooden legs are also great ways to maximize that open space feeling.

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If you're going to choose furniture with patterned upholstery, opt for clean, simple lines, preferably in lighter shades. Select furniture that's an appropriate size for the room. Instead of large sectionals or over-sized sofas, opt for an apartment sized sofa or chairs without arms. Multipurpose furniture, like coffee tables with storage, are great ways to eliminate the clutter that can make a room look and feel small.

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Use floor and table lamps to maximize the amount of light in the room and avoid heavy curtains or other window treatments that block sunlight. While small rooms can be made to appear larger by using neutral or cooler shades on the walls, you can incorporate colour with accent pieces like ottomans, pillows and rugs.  

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Large Living Room Style Tips Choosing the Right Furniture & Arranging it Effectively Dividing the room into various 'zones' can be an effective way to use a large space. By positioning a piece of furniture so that its back is to another 'zone,' or using area rugs, lamps or even a bench to visually separate one area from another,

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you can create zones for conversation, a TV viewing space, a desk or reading nook, even a place for dining. Choose furniture that's the right size for the space. If you have high ceilings, for instance, include a couple of taller pieces of furniture, like a bookshelf or entertainment unit. Large living rooms are also great places for full-sized sectional sofas or over-sized chairs.

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Plus , one or two pieces of furniture that are larger than the others can be used to anchor the room, so as to avoid 'cluttering' the space with lots of small furnishings . Make your large living room feel cozier by positioning your furniture closer together in more intimate conversation areas. Avoid the urge to place all of your furniture along the walls of the room.

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