Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Electric Cars


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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Electric Cars The idea of electric cars was conceived several decades ago. Electric vehicles today are something that most people did not anticipate. We can talk about luxury power name it. Electric cars have beyond reasonable doubt lived up to the hype. Apart from being great caretakers to the environment by reducing direct pollution the vehicles have saved its owners significant costs which would have otherwise been used on petrol. Electric cars are also surrounded by a good share of misconceptions. The following truths concerning electric cars will ward off any uncertainties that you may have regarding them. 1. You can charge it at home Absolutely What electric car owners need is high quality charging stations and they can keep their cars revving the entire day. You can have them installed anywhere you want in your home. All you need to do is leave it charging overnight once you get back from work and by morning it will be ready for a good ride. 2. They accelerate faster than petrol cars Well you might for a moment feel disadvantaged for not reaching a high maximum speed as a petrol car would. However you should not at all feel restricted. Seldom do the motor vehicles get to achieve the maximum speed: considering the laws concerned with a maximum speed around the globe. If anything you should feel favored by the fact that you could leave your motor vehicles counterparts back once the traffic lights changed. Electric cars accelerate way faster than cars with combustion engines. 3. The first car ever was electric Did you know that the first car in history was electric Probably not. The first car to be invented was powered by a battery as opposed to a combustion engine. Well you need to note that an electric vehicle is powered by a battery which requires to be charged for the car to work. 4. Electric cars pollute too: but less

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You must be asking yourself how an electric car pollutes yet combustion is not involved. True to that pollution connected to electric vehicles is related to its production. For instance during the manufacture of its parts and the production of electricity too. However pollution in the production of electricity is being well taken care of and will continue to decrease as time goes by. 5. Electric cars will become cheaper than petrol cars Just how possible is this Very Look at it this way every year the number of people using electric cars will increase. That will lower the cost of production on the manufacturer’s end through economies of scale and will have an impact on the price of the final product. 6. The range is forecasted to equal that of petrol engines Scientists and technologists are working tirelessly to see that the electric cars can cover a range of 600 kilometers per single charge as opposed to the current 400 kilometers. It is evident that the future of electric cars is bright. Electronic vehicles have come a long way and will in no time take over the automotive market.

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