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HP HPE6-A49 EXAM DUMPS Aruba Certified Design Expert 8 Written Exam https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html


EXAM INFORMATION Exam code : HPE6-A49 Exam type : Proctored Exam duration : 2 hours Exam length : 60 questions Passing score : 70% Delivery languages : English , Japanese https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

Demo Question 1:

Demo Question 1 What is one customer requirement that can drive the need for a relatively dense AP deployment, inwhich the coverage areas of at least three AP radios overlap? A. support for beacon management B. AP operation as hybrid AMs for IDS/WIPS C. the deployment of dual 5GHz radio APs D. location tracking of wireless IoT devices Answer: D https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

Demo Question 2:

Demo Question 2 A customer has multiple medium and large branch sites, each of which requires between 8 and 16 APs and supports between 200 and 600 wireless clients. Every branch site has an internet connection, which it uses to reach the central data center. The customer would prefer the WAN links to be optimized in the Solution Each side handles between 1 and 2 Gbps of traffic, most of which goes to the central data center. The data center has 7210 controllers for terminating the VPN connections . Which branch office solution best meets the customer needs? A. CAPs and branch office controllers with an SD-WAN license B. IAPs and no branch office controllers C. CAPs and branch office controllers D. RAPs and no branch office controllers Answer: B https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

Demo Question 3:

Demo Question 3 A customer has Aruba network infrastructure devices that could be managed by either Aruba Central or Aruba AirWave . Which customer characteristic should point the architect toward an Air Wave recommendation as opposed to a Central recommendation? A. desire to lease managed services on an ongoing basis B. small IT staff and preference for cloud solutions C. policies that network management occurs on premises D. need to support Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Answer: C https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

Demo Questions 4 :

Demo Questions 4 A retailer wants to provide wireless services for guests across a section of store floor, which consists of 82 foot(25m ) long aisles of cans and dry food goods. The shelves are six feet (1.8 m) high, and the ceiling height is13 feet (4 m) high . The architect recommends overhead APs deployed at 40-50 foot (12 to 15 m) intervals every few aisles rather than in every aisle . What is one factor that justifies this recommendation? A. the low transmit power of most guest devices B. the low shelf height relative to ceiling height C. the aisle length D. the low ceiling height Answer: B https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

Demo Questions 5:

Demo Questions 5 A retailer currently has two redundant ClearPass C2000 DL360 Gen9 hardware appliances and two perpetual 1K Access licenses. The customer uses ClearPass to authenticate employee wireless devices and other corporate wireless devices. ClearPass logs indicate that peak license usage is currently 1900. The customer now wants to add a guest access solution. Guests will connect to an open SSID and redirected to a portal which they can use to self-register and log in. The customer anticipates that up to 1550 guest devices will connect at the same time . The customer requires the most cost-effective solution that will meet the requirements. What should the network architect recommend for this solution? A. Two 1K Guest licenses B. 1K+500 Access licenses; Two 1K Onboard licenses C. 1K+500 Access licenses D. 1K+500 Access licenses; 1K+500 Guest licenses Answer: B https://www.realexamdumps.com/hp/hpe6-a49-practice-test.html

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