Values Thermometer

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Values Thermometer :

Values Thermometer Informal Assessment Strategy Presented by Len Pierre for PIDP 3230 Evaluation of Learning Instructor: Glen Galy Date: March 14 th 2018

Before we begin… :

Before we begin…

Values Thermometer :

Values Thermometer What the heck is it? Classroom Assessment Technique Interactive Course-related student opinions about issues Peer learning

Why does it work?:

Why does it work?

How does this CAT work?:

How does this CAT work? DISAGREE UNDECIDED

When does it work best? :

When does it work best?

Values Thermometer:

Values Thermometer Benefits Inclusive Engaging Diversity Immediately informs i nstruction Limitations Confidence variations Opposition Identified Potential Conflict

My personal commitment :

My personal commitment

Questions or Comments?:

Questions or Comments? LENPIERRE86@GMAIL.COM

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