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Before founding Brighton Dental Associates in 2010, Lennox Lin plied his trade at a number of other practices in the Massachusetts area. He credits this period, which saw him work for four dental offices between 2003 and 2010, with giving him the experience necessary in order to start his own practice in the area, offering a high level of dental care to all of his patients.


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Lennox Lin Amateur Musician When he is away from the dental practice that he founded and operates in Massachusetts, Lennox Lin likes to unwind by practicing the violin. He has been playing the instrument for a number of years now and finds that it is the perfect way to get rid of the stresses of the day. He hopes to continue practicing during his spare time in order to improve his technique.


Lennox Lin Charitable Work When he is not working as the Senior Practitioner at Brighten Dental Associates, Lennox Lin can often be found offering his time to work with people less fortunate than he is. Over the years he has worked in soup kitchens and homeless shelters, in addition to offering free medical care to low-income families. He believes it is important to maintain your social conscience, no matter how busy you are in life.


Lennox Lin Experienced Traveler Lennox Lin got his first taste for traveling early on in life, when his family moved from Hong Kong to Taiwan, before eventually settling in the United States. It is something that has developed into a passion for Lin, who has now had the privilege of experiencing more than 30 countries. He hopes to continue adding to this list, experiencing a range of new cultures along the way.


Lennox Lin Tufts University Before becoming a dentist, Lennox Lin studied at Tufts University in Massachusetts. Following completion of his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1999, he went on to study Dentistry. He left the university with a Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry in 2003 and has spent the following years putting that education to good use for the people of Massachusetts.


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