7 Interesting Tips to do Safe Online Shopping


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Online shopping is a sure favorite for many these days given the fact that many don’t have the luxury of going to stores directly. To do safe and secure shopping, we need to be aware of basic rules of online shopping(http://www.lendingstream.co.uk/articles/online -loans.html).


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Lending Stream Presents 7 tips to do secure online shopping

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Shopping Online? How literate are you with online buying? Do you know to differentiate real and fake stuff? Do you know where to go if you faced online fraud issues?

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Buying can be a pleasant experience if you know the tricks…

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Before you think of spending a bomb online, check for the following

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Check for the website’s authenticity Instead of trying to shop from a new website, go for popular ones. Go for those that your friends already had an experience with

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Compare deals in other shopping websites If you find a good deal in one website. Don’t stop there. Find competition, they might have better deals, sometimes a lot cheaper.

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Check if the website abides legal codes An attractive and popular website doesn’t mean they are law abiding. If the company is based out of the country, check for their legal terms. Especially check if the goods get an insurance

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Check for the website’s security Always check for the good old https:// symbol. In fact even before checking their products, check for the various security certificates the website has. This is really important if you are applying for money related transactions like online loans.

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Check for after-sales services Some websites don’t even respond once they send you the product. Read the after sales terms of the seller before you dream about the product.

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Check for the privacy statement of the website It is very important that the seller agrees to privacy protection. Read the terms carefully before you punch your credit card number on the website. We don’t like stalkers. Do we?

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Know where to go when things go wrong Online shopping doesn’t mean you cannot sue. There are several consumer protection institutions that will help you sort out your purchase issues. Small Claims Court (up to £5000) Citizens Advice Bureau Refunds.org.uk Ripofftipoff are some of the top consumer protection watchdogs

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Have fun shopping

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