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Siomai is a good source of income since it is affordable for everyone. These little meat wraps are enjoyable to eat for fast runners in everyday work.


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Siomai Franchise Business in the Philippines Siomai is an Asian delicacy that originated in China. It is a piece of meat either chicken, pork or beef Stuffed inside a wantom wrapper and is cooked by steaming. It is usually serve in Chinese restaurants but as the years go on, this food spread in many countries including Philippines. Siomai business and siomai franchise was born because Filipinos love “pica foods” of finger food snacks. They often eat this with lemon or calamansi with a dash of soy sauce. Siomai are operating almost every corner in different cities. It is a mass favorite since it is easy to eat and more importantly it is affordable. Many employees wanted to start their siomai business but they do not know how and we made a video orientation for individuals interested to put up this kind of food business.

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