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The clients that he works with continues to receive the best possible service that any financial consultant in the northeast could provide. Leland Fondow is not only an expert with over 25 years as a certified financial planner, but he is also a passionate and charismatic family man, that not only consults with his clients, but finds ways to build relationships with them. He works very hard to ensure that every future he is given is directed into the path of prosperity.


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Leland Fondow Over 25 Years of Service:

Leland Fondow Over 25 Years of Service “Determined to create brighter financial futures for his clients, Leland Fondow is a testimony of what passion can do to a person’s career. Leaving Boston University with a certification in financial planning, he has worked his way up to the top, and 25 years later he now stands as an independent financial planner . ”

Leland Fondow Over 25 Years of Service:

Leland Fondow Over 25 Years of Service This independent financial planner was educated and trained through Boston University. From 1979 to 1983, Leland Fondow pursued his degree in economics and finished top ten in his graduating class, using his knowledge to later return to receive his certification in financial planning.

Leland Fondow Sports of the Northeast:

Leland Fondow Sports of the Northeast This financial planner and family man holds his three favorite sports teams, all from the same state. In basketball, he cheers on the Boston Celtics, while in football he supports the New England Patriots. Leland Fondow’s loyalty to Northeastern US teams has made him a sports guru, and during baseball season, his favorite sport, he cheers on the Boston Red Sox.

Leland Fondow An Athlete and Family Man:

Leland Fondow An Athlete and Family Man As a financial planner, Leland has seen the many detriments that comes with a stagnant lifestyle. In order to keep himself and his family from falling into that path, Fondow pursues new ways to be athletic with his family. He and his wife take the dog on a walk four times a week, and they take their three kids to play tennis when the weather is permissible.



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