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Dark Gothic

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What is a Dark Gothic film? A dark gothic film is a type of horror film that involves a nightmarish intensity, uncanny vision and monstrous imagination. Unique monsters and ghouls are very common in this genre of film. Dark gothic films have been around since the early 1920’s, with the first real successful dark gothic film being ‘Nosferatu’, produced in 1922. This early success inspired many people to create imaginative dark gothic films, with many other famous films including; ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’ and the recent hit ‘The Woman in Black’. Also, many common and popular dark gothic films are set in a certain period too, with the late Victorian era very common. Dark gothic films often include an antagonistic monstrous creation, be it a deadly ghost that kills innocent children in ‘The Woman in Black’, or a villainous vampire hell bent on drinking the blood from humans in ‘Dracula’. The number of dark gothic films have increased within the 21 st century, as many recent successful films have been produced, like ‘The Woman in Black’, ‘The Awakening’ and ‘Let Me In’. However, most famous dark gothic films were produced from the early 1920’s to around the 1970’s, like ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Nosferatu’. If we are looking at UK based dark gothic films, ‘Hammer Productions’ is a production company in the UK famous for its long history of producing dark horror films. Set up in the early 1930’s, at the height of the dark horror film phenomenon, the production company has gone on to produce over 100 successful dark gothic films.

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Target Audience In terms of the target audience of a dark gothic film, children younger than around 15 are generally not the target audience, since the material in a dark gothic film will include mild to severe horror, which is not suitable for children. Older teenagers and adults would be the main target audiences for dark gothic films, since this age group may enjoy mild to extreme horror, and some of the themes or scenes in the film would be more suitable and appropriate for adults and older teenagers. Most dark gothic films set their rating at (on average) 15 (with the occasional 12). This is because, again, material in these types of films are certainly not suitable for any child under the age of 12. I think that 15 would be a good rating for these films, since anyone over the age of 15 would be able to handle the themes and scenes common in a dark gothic film. In terms of gender and dark horror films, stereotypically, the male gender would be more attracted to dark gothic films, since there is generally a male protagonist, a scary monstrous antagonist to heighten tension and adrenalin, and stereotypically, males would enjoy these types of films. However, even though the male stereotype takes a majority of the target audience, females can still find dark gothic films interesting and enjoyable too, as they will enjoy the themes in the films and many females like to watch horror films, and dark gothic films is a branch off of horror films.

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