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Leesa Fazal Architects


Leesa Fazal Leesa Fazal is the owner of the Leesa Fazal Architects and she has developed excellence in her profession with extended practice in the field. She has earned a great reputation for her outstanding design and cost-friendly architectural solutions. Her skills have been appreciated within publications and design awards. Over the years, she has developed a good name for being on the dot when it comes to delivering on-time and budget-friendly projects with excellent design. Since the establishment of her firm, she has broadened her portfolio with planning and designing commercial, institutional, mixed-use, hospitality, medical, office, interior design, multifamily, and renovation projects. Fascinated with making something from absolutely nothing, resolving problems, and the extent of the medium, she considers this field of work pretty good for herself. She has also immersed in creating, presenting, and promoting functional art, furniture, and products related to construction.


As the popular saying goes, there is no great architect without the appreciation of patrons. That is why Leesa Fazal endeavors to provide her clients with the best of her architectural services. She is the owner of the well-reputed company named Leesa Fazal Architects and the creative mind behind all the architectural works provided by her company. Established in 2018, Leesa Fazal Architects has been delivering exemplary architectural designs and services to its clients for the places where they live, work, learn, worship, plan, heal, and play. The foundation of the company has been laid by a team of expert architects who are blessed with extraordinary skills to design new homes and execute diversified projects that may only be done once in all of Nevada. Their working model is highly comprehensive and includes significant involvement of clients, consultants, contractors, as well as the engineers. LEESA FAZAL: A VERSATILE ARCHITECT WITH OUTSTANDING SKILLS


In such a short time, Leesa Fazal has earned an outstanding reputation in this industry by delivering excellence in her profession. Her remarkable talent for creating superior design and cost-friendly architectural solutions has made her the best architect in the whole of Las Vegas. Her artistic skills have been admired and cherished by various publications and design awards sponsors. Over the years, she has gained great fame for delivering every project on-time and within the budget utilizing superior designs . With the help of her firm, she has broadened her scope of work by taking up mixed bag projects for commercial, hospitality, medical, office, institutional, mixed-use, interior design, multifamily, and renovation purposes. Being fascinated with the power of architecture that can create timeless pieces from nothing, she decided to test her mettle in this line of work. With resolution, dedication, and extremely hard work, she has established herself in this field, and her unique working style and honest work ethic have helped her to stand apart from her peers .


Not just magnificent architecture, she has the expertise to create, present, and promote remarkable functional art, furniture, and products related to construction. Being intrigued by the most prehistoric archaeological and technological mysteries, she loves to keep herself engrossed in these things. In her free time, she enjoys staying outdoors, bicycling, and polishing her horticultural skills. Her versatility does not end here as she is also an enthusiastic brass musician and has performed with various (mostly academic) groups over the years . Leesa Fazal from Las Vegas is a multitalented and hard-working woman who has made her presence strong in this field with her skills, knowledge, and perseverance. She likes to covert the challenging requirements desired by the clients into contemplative solutions that satisfy their needs. She also advocates that a prodigious design always reciprocates to environmental and regional influences. All her creations are nature-friendly and help to inculcate a sense of honesty, humanity, and ease among its users.


CONTACT INFORMATION Leesa Fazal Architect Address : Private Summerlin Studio Las Vegas, NV 89144



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