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Educational family tours are good to enhance the family bonding and to learn something new. For this, nothing can be better than Singapore zoo. Breakfast with animals, touring with butterflies and spending time in rainforest zoo, isn’t it fun?


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Tour to singapore ZOO:

Tour to singapore ZOO

Have a Great Time on Educational Family Tour in Singapore Zoo :

Have a Great Time on Educational Family Tour in Singapore Zoo Have you ever visited a rainforest ever? Want to experience the rainforest and the life of the animals living over there in a busy city? Well this may be sounding impossible but it is a reality. World’s largest rainforest zoo in the Singapore zoo is a major draw for the zoo administration. Since the day this zoo was inaugurated for the public, it instantly became popular among the people of Singapore and others living outside in other parts of the world. .

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The zoo is planned by considering all the aspects of nature and its different parts. The planners of the Singapore rainforest zoo haven’t left any stone unturned to make it most attractive and educational experience for masses. Singapore rainforest zoo is special in many ways like:

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Up close encounter with animals: the visitors of this get an opportunity to encounter the animals so closely like they have done never before on their tour in Singapore . Unlike other zoo enclosures, all the animals here are kept in their natural habitat therefore visitors can have the experience of travelling between the jungles on trails. You can find animals roaming here and there without any barriers the way they do in forest. If you want to have breakfast with orange utan , then it is only possible in the Singapore zoo through their breakfast with animals program. While relishing on the delicious food, you can learn a lot how the

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Learn about earth’s ecosystem: ecosystem present on earth is very delicate; hence it is essential to understand it completely to maintain balance in it. Rainforest zoo and wildlife animal parks in Singapore have tried to utilize every opportunity and every possible media to educate their visitors about the delicate ecosystem present on earth. The visitors can also learn about how the different species in the flora and fauna play their role in keeping balance in the earth’s ecosystem. Live educational displays are placed in the rainforest zoo through which the visitors are educated about the delicate balance of this ecosystem on zoo. They have also tried to show how human beings can live with harmony with nature through several tribes.

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Learn about different ecosystem: different continents on earth have different ecosystems, having a wide range of animals, plants and even the microbes. They can only survive in their vicinity or their own natural habitat, which is the reason Singapore zoo, has setup several ecosystems within the zoo enclosure like African, Australian, Ethiopian, and tropical. Moreover they have concentrated on fauna of different animal kingdom to generate more awareness about them. Take some time out of your busy schedule and visit this exquisite wildlife sanctuary. Go out with family and enjoy a day out in the jungle with animals from around the world.

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