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i want this ppt for refrerence as i have a presentation in my college.I promise to give you full credit in the ppt. Kindly consider.

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Educational System :

Educational System In India

Gurukul System :

Gurukul System

Notion of Gurukul System:

Notion of Gurukul System Upliftment & advancement of the early society and overall development India is pregnant with a rich tradition of knowledge and learning from Indian civilization. Sages and scholars imparted education orally and after the development of letters the forms of writing was introduced . The students residing irrespective of their social standing combine together in learning

Role of Guru(Teacher):

Role of Guru(Teacher) The preceptors are of two classes Acharya Upadhyaya Teaches veda along with ritualistic literature(not for livelihood) Teaches Veda and Vedic for livelihood

Today’s System of Education:

Today’s System of Education Biggest Competition Education is not what it supposed to be

PowerPoint Presentation:

Education is preparing a person to face everyday life Is it a Fact ???

Is It Fact ????:

Is It Fact ???? Today’s education produces only money making machines Theoretical Knowledge than practical


Techo-Schools Interactive sessions with technology (Smart Boards) Review of Sessions Smart Learning


Prons Lack of Self Learning Expensive


Solution Uniformity or Unbiased Benefits for poor (scholarships) Accurate guidance on career Passion for teaching Teaching unique methodology Live for content not for grade Shower ethical values Stringent in rules and regulations

Last but not the Least :

Last but not the Least “The Illiterate of the 21 st century will not be those who cannot read and write but those who cannot LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN”

PowerPoint Presentation:

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