5 Smart ways to maximize space in every area

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5 Smart ways to maximize space in every area


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5 Smart ways to maximize space in every area Whether it is a small studio apartment or a massive mountain estate villa every homeowner seeks a spacious and welcoming feel. So here are 5 ways to help you make the most of every area in a home while giving it an organized and welcoming look. Open up the Entryway Your entryway is where all the greetings and goodbyes happen so it should be functional warm and inviting while offering adequate space for quick and easy movement. Leaving this area empty will not only make it feel less crowded but also spacious and it makes perfect sense if the entryway is narrow. Placing benches or shoe racks or trying to fit tables in this area will only obstruct the flow and make the space look smaller and confined. However you can place an open shelf or wall mounted hooks for knick knacks. Hanging a large mirror in the hallway that reflects the rest of the house will also work to bring the feel of a spacious home.

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Maximize the Kitchen Space with Modular Storage The best way to make a busy kitchen space easy to cook in is by using vertical shelves and drawers for storing food containers and dry supplies. An overhead storage for pots and pans will also free up the space for placing large kitchen countertops. Modular storage is the most visually appealing way to save space and stay organized in the kitchen. Better Utilize Space in the Bath with Open Shelves and a Standing Shower Bathtubs take up a lot of space in the bathroom. Be smart and replace it with a standing shower and use glass partitions to create the feel of a spacious bathroom. Installing long and wide floor tiles with a white finish is the easiest way to make any bathroom look bigger. Wall mounted open shelves and a floating vanity can be installed for placing small electrical devices and beauty appliances. The space under the sink can be used for placing laundry baskets.

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Keep it Sleek and Straight when Scaling the Bedroom If you are designing the kid’s bedroom bunk beds will not only lend a playful vibe but also save a lot of space. Or you can go a little creative and elevate the bed to use the space beneath the bed to create a workstation. Working within the confines of the bedroom is especially challenging when the space is small and you need to fit in an armoire or a dresser. To avoid overcrowding select furniture pieces that are tall sleek and feature straight lines. Invest in closets that facilitate functional organizing to achieve a perfect balance between storage needs and breathing space.

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Use Illusion to Your Advantage When working with a cramped space the only way to create space is by creating the illusion of space. There are a lot of techniques that you can use to make any living space appear bigger than it actually is. Place lighting fixtures like wall scones lamps or overhead lighting fixtures high up to push the vision upward. Another visual trick that you can use is applying light and bright shades on the wall for a big and breezy effect. To add texture you can experiment with elements like fabric stone metal and wood. Go big with the mirrors to expand the look of any space. When accentuating oddly shaped spaces create longer lines on the large wall by installing open shelves or a band of patterned tiles to draw the eyes to the wider side. When it comes to creating spacious homes Leeline Sourcing has all your needs covered with an endless assortment of 200+ decor solutions that perfectly blend international quality and functional appeal with a unique aesthetic that adds true value to your projects. If you are interested in my articles you can visit leelinesourcing.com to follow me.

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