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HOME a place of refuge where loves ones are safe and have peace of mind There’s no place like

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Is your Home really safe?

HOME SECURITY SYSTEM USING PIC16F877A (Smoke and Burglar Detector) : 

HOME SECURITY SYSTEM USING PIC16F877A (Smoke and Burglar Detector) Baniel, Brian Chuck B. Diaz, Ruel C. Doctora, Jose Marlito M. Isidro, Irwin B. Pesigan, Laurence Verlian H.



Rationale : 

Rationale Safety has been a major priority Today burglars and home fire cases increases Disturbs the peacefulness in the community researchers aim to make an early warning home security device

Statement of the problem : 

Statement of the problem This project is aimed towards achieving the ffg: To design a motion detector using ultrasonic sensor. To design a smoke detector using optical sensor. To design an intruder detector using magnetic switch. To use PIC16F877A microcontroller in combining the three sensors. To create a program using MPLAB that will read the input of each sensor and send it to become the output of PIC16F877A.

Significance of the Study : 

Significance of the Study utilize the after-market parts build an integrated home security system using PIC16F877A broaden the knowledge of the researchers from what the group has learned in microcontrollers to save lives and properties and to eliminate or minimize tragedies

Scope and Limitations : 

Scope and Limitations

Definition of Terms : 

Definition of Terms


REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Chapter 2 The Wireless Security System (WSS) sensors microprossesor IC

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8284 Microprocessor : 

8284 Microprocessor provides the memory address sends signals to the computer system controlling signal to the memory and I/O

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ICs for data transmission 74LS373 74LS245

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The thesis Wireless Security System has some similar components used. keypad burglar detector alarm system Counterpart components PIC microcontroller detectors (smoke, burglar and motion) Why refer to this study (WSS)?

Enhances security protection Ensures greater safetiness in the house : 

Enhances security protection Ensures greater safetiness in the house



Block Diagram of Home Security System : 

Block Diagram of Home Security System

Inputs : 

Inputs Keypad Motion Detector Smoke Detector Magnetic Switch Detector

Keypad : 

Keypad preprogrammed to activate and deactivate the system

Motion Detector : 

Motion Detector ultrasonic sensor measuring the time it takes a sound wave to propagate

Smoke Detector : 

Smoke Detector optical sensor light is scattered by the smoke particles

Smoke Detector : 

Smoke Detector Optical Smoke Detector1: optical chamber2: cover3: case moulding4: photodiode (detector)5: infrared LED

Magnetic Switch Detector : 

Magnetic Switch Detector magnetic switch electric switch whose switch contacts are controlled by means of an electromagnet

Microcontroller : 

Microcontroller PIC16F877A ECE 423 and ECE 423L Multiple input and output ports brain of the Home Security System programmed to receive analog voltage then converts it to a bit data

Program Flowchart : 

Program Flowchart

Outputs : 

Outputs LED Alarm Buzzer LCD

LED : 

LED LED will light up corresponding to the sensors that will be activated connected to PIC

Alarm Buzzer : 

Alarm Buzzer will emit a sound when one of the detectors is triggered connected to PIC

LCD : 

LCD liquid crystal display displays numeric and alphabetical output

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