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Get The Best LED Flood Lights For Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting and ready to save some money on your energy bills. For More Info


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How LED Flood Light Beneficial For You?


How LED Flood Light Beneficial For You? It is an adjustable mounting fixture that is suitable for outdoor space. It is a direct replacement metal halide which means the LED fixture doesn’t consume much energy. Most of the commercial and industrial install LED Flood Lights to illuminate the wide space at low energy intake.


Why Consider LED Flood Lights?


the action or activity of athering information about consumers' needs and preferences Dispersion Angle With the 120-degree beam angle, LED Flood Light covers the wider space compares than metal halide. Efficiency The energy efficiency of flood light is way better than MH. It let you save up to 75% money on lighting bills without compromising lighting needs. Light Shade It has day white light shade which blends the perfect shade of light to the outdoor space. Quality of Light The high CRI (Color Rendering Index) defines the quality of light which eliminates the unreal color of the object. Operational Lifespan The Life expectancy of this fixture is more than 50,000 hours, which is three times higher than MH light source.


Approvals It is a UL and DLC certified fixture which defines that the fixture is safe to use and install. Another Advantage Free shipping 30 days return policy 5 years Manufacturer warranty Installation service



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