Outdoor LED Solar Lights

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Outdoor LED Solar Lights:

Outdoor LED Solar Lights www.ledmyplace.com


Introduction These outdoor LED solar lights are way better than traditional sources of lighting such as incandescent, HPS/HID lamps and CFLs to provide for 100% savings in energy - again that’s not possible by utilizing just the solid state lighting technology. www.ledmyplace.com

The Advantages of Outdoor LED Solar lights:

Having no toxic waste products in the, these solar lights do not leave any carbon footprints and thus they are completely environment-friendly. High luminous efficacy, thus providing you with high-intensity light for not less than 50,000 hours. These outdoor LED solar lights are quite reliable because of the fact that the solar controller which carries the microwave sensor provides protection against over-charging, over-voltage or over-discharging of the lighting fixture. They are hazard-free lighting since no harmful radiation such as UV or IR in the light beam. The Advantages of Outdoor LED Solar lights www.ledmyplace.com


The CRI of these outdoor LED solar lights being 80+ allow objects to display their true color up to 80% efficiency and so they very close to what they are in reality.             These LED solar lights provide for general area/site lighting by illuminating vast areas, thus eliminating all the dark spots within an area. These outdoor LED solar lights either come with an IP67 or IP65 driver to ensure their resistance to dust and moisture.   No separate sensors required with these lights since they are inbuilt and do the job of alarming you by detecting an intruder within the 90 degree range. www.ledmyplace.com


5 www.ledmyplace.com These outdoor LED solar lights are very easy to install. All you need is few wall mounting brackets. The luminaire lens of these lighting fixtures are made up of polycarbonate to withstand any external damage. The housing of these lighting fixtures are made of aluminum for external toughness, durability and resistance to rust or corrosion. One of the greatest advantages remains to be that they get turned “on’’ instantly since they don’t require any warming up. Since there is no wiring that takes place in their installation, any risk or danger of accident gets completely eliminated.   You can always carry them from one place to another by disassembling the components. No replacement costs for at least 5-6 years. Even after 50,000 hours, all you may need to do is to just recharge the same lithium battery and you stay good for another 5+ years. Thus, these outdoor LED lights are low-cost, low-maintenance products.


Conclusion These outdoor LED solar lights are a boon if you are interested in saving your pocket. And, in any case, if you don’t want them as all-time lighting fixtures, keep them as a secondary option. www.ledmyplace.com

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