Essential information on LED Sign Boards


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Worried about the burden that an LED sign investment will have on your financials? This guide will convince you that the benefits absolutely outweigh the costs and you will see returns in no time.


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Essential information on LED SIGNAGE


What you will find here: Who benefits from digital signage Unique features of LED signs Benefits of LED message boards What you need to know before installing LED signs



Who benefits from Digital Signage:

Who benefits from Digital Signage Retail Educational Hospitality Healthcare Advertising Government Religion Construction


Retail Industry Encourage foot traffic Promote products C onvince customers at POS Boost sales of premium items Get rid of clearance items faster Strong branding helps attract customers in competitive environment I ntegration of smart technology helps keeping current inventory up-to-date


Educational Institutes Place LED signs in lobbies, student unions, dining halls and gyms I nform students and faculty about upcoming events and academic offerings H ighlight student and faculty achievements A lert students and faculty regarding emergency situations in and around the campus Instructions on LED signs help h andling of crisis situations with great care


Hospitality Industry Deliver helpful and relevant information to tourists Promote hotel services such as laundry and spas Inform clients about restaurants and bars in the hotel Make announcements regarding meetings, pool hours, fitness room availability Advertise surrounding tourist attractions as a means of added revenue for hotels Hotel concierge is free to do other things


Healthcare Industry Provide useful information to visitors: Available Doctors Clinic Hours Medicines Health screenings Promote café menus Third party pharmaceuticals can advertise their products Exhibit achievements of the facility and its staff Help reach distant employees such as those in operating theaters who do not have access to their mobiles


Advertising Industry Due to the high return it provides, it has almost become mandatory to utilize LED signs as a medium for attracting audiences and entertaining them. These signs can: Reach a vast number of people Create brand awareness Interact with target market


Government Institutions State of the art LED signs for Way-finding Announcing events Displaying information Exhibiting bureaucracy layers Integrated networks allow for real time information such as news and weather forecasts to be displayed Entertain people in waiting areas Public transport authorities can provide useful information to travelers to make informed commuting decisions


Capture characteristics of a faith and display them to large audiences Attract a larger congregation Attract the interest of people driving by the house of worship every day Give out a warm and inviting feeling by displaying appropriate content inside the house of worship Religious Institutions


Construction Sites Health and safety is a critical issue which can be fatal if ignored. LED signs can: Communicate important safety information to workers in large and clear formats Minimize the risk of accidents on construction sites Provide up-to-date safety information by updating content regularly


2. UNIQUE FEATURES OF LED SIGNS Indoor rental 15’ x 30 ’

Unique features of LED signs:

Unique features of LED signs Display location is known Accordingly, relevant content can be developed for it. Placing LED signs at point of purchase is very effective in convincing the buyer. Time is known Networked LED signs display content based on time of day Events are known Easy to display information related to particular time and place. Example – current traffic flow, concert details, etc



Benefits of LED Message Boards:

Benefits of LED Message Boards Increased Turnover Sale prices, countdown discounts, and cross-sell messages are clear calls-to-action. Brand Awareness Content can be catered only towards building a brand and encouraging customers to have a better perception of that brand. Advertising Owners of LED screens can sell or rent part of the real estate on the screen to third parties for advertising their products in return for a price.


Engage and Entertain Customers Entertaining content on LED screens placed in waiting areas can make waiting times seem shorter. Internal Communication LED signs can recognize achievements, boost morale, and improve organizational processes within an organization. Real time information regarding inventory can be displayed. Emergency alerts can immediately be displayed on LED screens in relevant departments of the organization. Benefits of LED Message Boards


Public Announcements Way finding and other interactive kiosks at subway stations and town centers are very helpful for keeping the general public linked with the required services. Evacuation orders and time sensitive information can also be broadcasted in ways that cannot be ignored by the public. Benefits of LED Message Boards

4. What you need to know before installing Digital Signage:

4. What you need to know befor e installing Digital Signage

What you need to know before installing Digital Signage:

What you need to know before installing Digital Signage What is my audience? Employee Customer Visitor All What information am I going to communicate? News, weather, other such current information Product and services Communication within an organization (alerts, sales figures, production statistics, etc) Instructional messages such as directions and schedules

What you need to know before installing Digital Signage:

What is the purpose of the solution? Advertise Inform Entertain Reinforce How frequently will the information need to be updated? Live streaming of information Files that are updated every night Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly looped updates What you need to know before installing Digital Signage


What will the end result of my LED sign project be? Physical location of display Size, resolution, and orientation of display If several screens are being installed, explain whether or not all screens will be displaying the same content Wall, pole, or floor mounted display? Electrical facilities at the point of display Requirement of customize d frames and protective enclosures What you need to know before installing Digital Signage


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