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Energy is the integral part of our lives so are hydrocarbons. Petrol, Diesel and Natural gases are primary sources of energy. Learn more with LearninPixels


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Energy and Fuels:

Energy and Fuels

Energy is essential:

Energy is essential Can we think of transportation without automobiles? Can we think of a day without televisions, mobiles and refrigerator? Can we think of being at mall, cinema, shopping complexes without air conditioners? Can we think a day without gas in our LPG cylinder? Can we think even a day without electricity? Can we imagine a day without petrol & diesel? Our dependence on energy

Creation & Transfer of Energy on Earth:

Creation & Transfer of Energy on Earth Sun is a gigantic ball of Hydrogen Almost 75% Sun is made up of Hydrogen and most of the rest is Helium. In a reaction two Hydrogen atoms fuse together to form a Helium atom, resulting vast amount of energy. Energy thus produced through this process is known as Nuclear Fusion. This Energy is transferred and got manifested in many ways and forms on the Earth. Plants have a unique mechanism to capture sunlight i.e. Hydrogen and absorbs Carbon dioxide from atmosphere not only to provide food but also fossil fuels!!!!!!

Fossil Fuels:

Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels are energy rich substances formed from the remains of once-living organisms. All the fossil fuels are made of Hydrogen and Carbon, so they are called hydrocarbons. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons containing traces of Nitrogen, Sulfur and other elements. Fossil fuels are the result of accumulation, decaying and preservation of once-living organisms like plants and animals deep under the earth’s crust under high temperature, pressure and in the absence of air for almost 300 million years ago. DECAYING

Types of Fossil fuels:

Types of Fossil fuels Petroleum Natural Gas Coal HYDROCARBONS

Sources of Energy:

Sources of Energy Renewable Non-renewable Solar Hydro Wind Biomass Geothermal Ocean/Tidal


Coal Coal is a natural dark brown-to-black solid used as a fuel formed from fossilized plants. Kinds of Coal Peat Lignite Bitumen Anthracite Coal Products :- Coke Coal tar Coal gas

Crude Petroleum:

Crude Petroleum Crude oil is a naturally occurring, unrefined petroleum product composed of hydrocarbon deposits and other organic materials.  Crude oil is also known as Petroleum. Petroleum is a chain of hydrocarbons formed of remains of dead sea animals. Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene are common examples of petroleum. Extraction of Crude Oil

Petroleum Products:

Petroleum Products Petrol Diesel Lubricant Oil LPG Bitumen Coke

Fractional Distillations:

Fractional Distillations Petroleum products are obtained through the process of Fractional Distillations in a refinery. Fractional distillation is the separation of a mixture into its component parts, or fractions. Chemical compounds are separated by heating them to a temperature at which one or more fractions of the compound will vaporize.


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