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While live events continue to be the number one marketing strategy to generate leads, sophisticated event technology can facilitate better management and qualification of leads.


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Event technology has come a long way since early 2000s and has touched every aspect of event planning. From simple online event registration rise of social media and mobile apps to sophisticated solutions like Radio-frequency identication RFID and beacons the impact of event tech has been far more evolutionary than revolutionary. Every year new products and features are launched to cover events of all sizes and complexities. With an ever evolving technology landscape the meetings and events industry is presented with myriad opportunities to capture more leads. The evolution of event technology has also increased the expectations of prospects. With social media and the Internet buyers and customers are more aware about products and services offered by companies. The marketing practices of the 1990s have become obsolete and marketers are forced to think of new ways to attract prospects. Add to it not all prospects are suitable for your business. Qualifying lead and scoring them is important to close a deal in shorter span of time. Good news is that there are several event technologies to make your life easy and help you capture leads at live events and match them according to your business. Introduction Eventdex

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Before we even discuss the latest technology in the live events space we should understand the importance of events. Organizations worldwide host events to promote their business. Events which are one of the core outbound marketing strategies of any B2B organization also facilitate customer interaction lead generation and connection building. While building personal connection is important to retain and grow customers lead capturing is critical for any business. Leads are gold for organizations as it helps to make efcient sales. Lead generation helps create demand of products and lls the sales pipeline. The bottom line: no leads…no sales. However there has been a fundamental change in peoples buying process. Methods like mass advertising and email blasts are old school now and marketers need to come up with innovative ways to learn and maintain relationships with buyers. Why Is Lead Generation Important Eventdex

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Once leads are generated through various marketing channels like social media blogs and live events it is important to qualify and score them to close business opportunities. Starting business with a prospect who fails to meet your sales criteria can be a waste of time and money for both your organization and the prospects themselves. Qualied sales pipeline can help: · Better predict revenues: With qualied leads businesses can predict revenue through the number of quality leads generated. · Save time in closing deals with qualied prospects: Qualied leads helps to map the customers journey which in turn helps sales to follow up with leads that are in the decision making stage. · Get more time to close more business: Following up with quality leads can close more business and save your sales teams time. Importance of Qualied Leads Eventdex

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There are numerous technologies in the market that can help you capture leads in a more sophisticated way. With lead capturing technology like BoothLeads you can be rest assured that you generate quality leads at live events like tradeshows. Lead capturing apps not only help to generate awless leads but also enhance exhibitor and attendee experience. This technology also helps you retrieve leads based on your requirement simply rate leads by scanning the QR codes on badges and retrieve them on demand. Event Technology To Manage Leads Eventdex

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Eventdex Lead capturing app is ideal for event attendees event coordinators booth admins and booth personnel. Commonly used at big conferences and tradeshows it comes with several basic and advanced features based on your needs. With this app you can:· Features Scan QR codes of prospects and convert them to leads ·Store event leads in your mobile ·Transfer leads instantly to web portal ·Score leads based on the prospects level of interest ·Take notes about each lead you scan ·Send an email to a lead with your business details ·Forward lead details as an attachment to anyone ·Set a reminder to follow-up with a lead

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Modern event technology like matchmaking apps allow organizations to generate leads that are more focused and more relevant for businesses. This cloud-based application can be used to set up one on one appointments between buyers and sellers at events tradeshows and exhibitions. It also allows attendees to network at events by providing a robust engagement platform. Attendees can also schedule appointments amongst themselves and invite people personally to attend their booths. The app assists you to automate the matchmaking process over smartphones and tablets allowing you to secure more business opportunities. And the event organizer can see real-time reports on the networking level at events. This technology is a sure-shot way to increase ROI save time and receive meaningful leads. Event Technology To Match Leads Eventdex

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Eventdex Matchmaking apps are ideal for small and minority businesses purchasing agents buyers sellers and event attendees. With these apps you can: Features Access open close and semi-open match maker events · Set one on one meetings · Schedule accept reject manage and reschedule appointments · Add comments and notes to appointments · Custom eld level settings · Upload Pictures videos and other marketing material · Export print buyer and seller schedules along with proles · Promote social networking

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There are several ways to close a higher percentage of your leads over a shorter period of time. Accelerate Sales By Closing More Leads Map your customers journey: Try to understand your customers persona and their position in the buyers journey. This will help sales be well informed about their prospects when they talk to them. ·Distinguish between MQLs and SQLs: Clearly dene a point when marketing qualied lead becomes a sales qualied lead. This ensures that sales dont waste time trying to chase a prospect who is not in the decision making stage. Nurture MQLs until they become SQLs:Nurture qualied leads with valuable information unanswered questions case studies and testimonials so that they are ready to talk to a sales person. ·Track and score leads: A lead capturing technology that was mentioned earlier to help you scoring leads and map their buying journey. Provide relevant information to prospects: Differentiate between top middle and bottom of the funnel content based on your prospects journey. This will assuage your prospects anxiety and youll earn their invaluable trust. Eventdex

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Contact US For more information pleas Connect with us on Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube or LinkedIn. | +1 800 492-1289 Eventdex While live events continue to be the number one marketing strategy to generate leads sophisticated event technology can facilitate better management and qualication of leads. Lead generation and management apps and software can boost effectiveness across different business functions by generating more qualied leads boosting sales pipeline speed and enhancing sales and marketing alignment. With your sales pipeline lled with qualied leads your sales team will not only close more deals but will also grow your business and brand value. Conclusion

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