Benefits Of Business Matchmaking App at Events


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Let us look at the top benefits of using business matchmaking apps at events.


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Benefits Of Business Matchmaking App at Events Business matchmaking is an intelligent way to keep buyers and sellers happy and usually works through a mobile app. It is a cloud-based app that connects the buyer with sellers and attendees with sponsors/exhibitors depending upon the type of event. So what does this means for the participants and event planner organizing the event It means that these apps provide a sure shot way to generate more quality leads and create memorable events. Let us look at the top benefits of using business matchmaking apps at events. Improve event experience Using business matchmaking apps can enhance the overall event experience by helping participants meet the right people and allowing them to prepare and connect even before the event starts. This in return improves the engagement rate attendance and the satisfaction score of the event. Increase networking As the name suggests business matchmaking software promote networking at events and are often considered the focal point to improve the business relationship between buyer/seller or exhibitors/attendees. Saves time Time is money and who knows this better than an event planner To help save your participants time use matchmaking technology that promotes focused networking. It saves valuable time that is often spent on finding the right leads or solution providers. Generates quality leads Enable your event participants to generate quality leads by connecting with the relevant group of people. Highly targeted business matchmaking platform help

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sponsors /exhibitors/sellers to increase revenue and focus on quality over quantity. Create personalized event experience Business matchmaking apps are different from regular mobile event apps in the sense that it allows your participants to create personalized meeting schedules and messages for a more strategic networking approach. It offers customized experiences like no other technology in the meeting and events industry. Final thoughts Business matchmaking software is a must-have for B2B events no matter the industry or the size. It helps in managing vital relationships in the business world and creates more value for your events. You will help your event participants effortlessly connect with each other. Have an event coming up and need help with business matchmaking event check-ins event registrations or lead retrieval schedule a demo with Eventdex you can email me at or simply visit our website and drop us a note

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