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1 Online Learning At Niagara County Community College Niagara County Community College

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2 Welcome To Niagara County Community College – Online! At NCCC we offer eight online degree and certificate programs and over 100 online courses in 27 academic disciplines. Online learning is fast becoming a preferred method of learning for many students. In surveys, students most often say that work, personal and family schedules, along with distance from a college make it necessary for them to enroll in our online courses and programs. Online learning gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge using current technology within a flexible learning environment and schedule. You can attend class from anywhere, as long as you have access to a personal computer with an Internet connection. You can access your course 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can work at your own pace and enjoy a good deal of flexibility as to when you choose to “attend” class, however keep in mind that each online course has a definite timeline and weekly deadlines.

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3 Site Map Important Things to Know: Are you ready for Online Learning? Technical Requirements and Support Be a Successful Online Student NCCC Library Services College Policies and Procedures Web Access for Student Records & Registration Steps To Get Started: Apply to NCCC Get Advised Register for an Online Class Learn About Financial Aid Paying for Your Education Purchase Books Begin Your Course

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4 How An Online Course Works? In an Internet course, the instructor and students are connected to each other through the Internet. You will actively participate in your class(es) from your home, office or wherever you decide to work in your course. You receive instruction, compose and submit assignments, communicate with the instructor and other students by course mail, discuss forums and other technology, all within a course developed by an NCCC instructor. Online courses at NCCC are offered through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN). Starting in January 2009, all courses will be accessible via the ANGEL Learning Management System. ANGEL Learning Management portal: Within ANGEL you will take quizzes, tests, surveys, download course material, submit assignments electronically, view your grades, and communicate with your instructor and classmates. You can also use ANGEL to store files and keep notes. Back to page #3

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5 Successful Online Students Successful candidates for NCCC online courses have special qualities, They are: self-motivated, self-disciplined, independent learners good time managers and able to meet deadlines. willing to try something new and learn in a non-structured environment. comfortable using computers. Back to page #3 – Site Map

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6 Computer & Internet Skills You don’t need to be an expert, but you must have some basic computer and Internet skills in order to be successful in an online class. Take this self-administered test to help you determine if you possess the basic computer and internet skills necessary for online course work. If after taking the test, you find you need improvement, please contact us to find out how to get those skills. Also if you are going to take online course you are required to have access to a computer with a reliable Internet connection, preferably broadband. Back to page #3 – Site Map Back to page #4

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7 Common Software Downloads Here are sites that offer free downloads of computer software: Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer 7 PC Internet Explorer MAC Mozilla Firefox Internet Plug Ins: Adobe Reader (.pdf documents) Adobe Flash (movies, etc) Microsoft Viewers: MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint Back to page #3 – Site Map

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8 Technical Requirements and Support ANGEL Technical Requirements: To participate in an online course using ANGEL, you will need to review the ANGEL system requirements. SLN HelpDesk: The help desk at the SUNY Learning Network can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any technical or system requirement questions or to assist you if you have problems logging into your course. To contact SLN help desk, call 1-800-875-6269, or email If a technical problem cannot be resolved by the SLN help desk, you can contact the NCCC help desk at (716) 614-6730. Back to page #3

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9 Be a Successful Online Student Tips and Strategies Tips for Succeeding in College Homework/Study Tips Time Management Web Search Strategies Study Guides and Strategies Online Tutoring

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10 Online Tutoring Students taking classes at Niagara County Community College will have access to tutoring services through the link on their ANGEL homepage. Back to page #9

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11 NCCC Henrietta G. Lewis Library Services The Niagara County Community College Library offers a wide variety of resources and services. Our collection includes books, pamphlets, CD’s, videos, DVD’s and software. We also subscribe to over 550 magazines, journals, and newspapers as well as web based indexes and databases. NCCC Library Ask Us 24/7 Online Guide to Library Research Links to Other Library Catalogs Periodical Indexes/Databases Back to page #3

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12 Web Access For Student Records and Registration Many services are available to you in our student information system, Banner Web. Access your account to: Update Contact Information Add/Drop Course View Final Grades Check the Registration & Records Office website for important information and “how to” on these topics and many more: Cross Registration - Buffalo State College, Canisius College, Niagara University, etc Transcript Requests Back to page #3

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13 College Policies and Procedures Student Catalog 2008 – 2009 Rights & Responsibilities Handbook Back to page #3

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14 Applying To Niagara County Community College Matriculated and Non-Matriculated students follow different procedures for course registration. Matriculated Students - (Those enrolled in any program at NCCC) You will register for an online course exactly the same way you register for all of your courses on campus – by telling your advisor the Course Prefix, Section and Name. Non-Matriculated Students - (Those not enrolled in a program at NCCC) Fill out and print online registration form to register for a course. Drop off, mail or fax the form to the address/fax number on the form. Or you can contact our Records Office at (716) 614-6250. Back to page #3

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15 Matriculated Students Seeking a Degree at NCCC Degree Programs: Business Administration Associates in Science Business Administration Associates in Applied Science Computer Information Systems Liberal Arts and Sciences: Humanities and Social Sciences Human Services Certificate Programs: Accounting Business Management with Associates Degree Option General Studies NCCC currently offers 8 Online Degree and Certificate Programs. If you choose, you can complete your entire degree without ever coming on campus. Back to page #16

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16 Non-Matriculated Students Not Seeking A Degree at NCCC If you are not enrolled in a degree program and are simply taking a class, you do not need to apply to NCCC. However, you do need to complete the Registration Form. Choose from a list of online courses offered in 27 different academic disciplines. Back to page #16

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17 Course Advisement Academic advising is an essential educational service at NCCC. Your advisor provides direction toward the realization of your personal goals and the enhancement of your overall college experience. Every matriculated student (enrolled in a program at NCCC), is assigned a permanent academic advisor who is available for consultation on a regular basis throughout your college years. You must confer with your advisor previous to registering for your course schedule each semester. Back to page #3

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18 Register For An Online Class Course registration will be different depending upon whether you are matriculated or non-matriculated NCCC student. Matriculated Students (Enrolled in a program here at NCCC) You can register for these courses the same as you register for all of your courses on campus, by telling your advisor the Course Prefix, Section, and Name. Non-Matriculated Students (Not enrolled in a program here at NCCC) To register, print the online registration form located on the NCCC website and mail or fax it to the NCCC Registration & Records Office. You can contact our Registration & Records Office at (716) 614-6240. Back to page #3

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19 Paying For Your Education Tuition and fees will vary depending on whether you are a matriculated student enrolled in an online degree program, or a non-matriculated student taking a course. Questions about paying for your education as a matriculated student: Contact: Cashier’s Office Phone: (716) 614-6260 Website: Tuition & Fees Questions about paying for your education as a non-matriculated student: Contact: Records Phone: (716) 614-6250 Website: Tuition & Fees * Students may pay by check, money order, Visa, Master Card or Discover charge cards. Back to page #3

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20 Learn About Financial Aid Online courses at NCCC fall within financial aid regulations for students enrolled in an academic program at NCCC. For financial aid assistance, call (716) 614-6200 or visit the Financial Aid website. Back to page #3

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21 Purchasing Books Distance Learning students can log onto the NCCC College Bookstore website and place an order for textbooks as early as one week before the first official day of classes. Follow the directions for Distance Learning students at the bookstore website.. Please be sure to check the materials requirements in the Course Information within your course however, you must know your course numbers and section numbers in order to accurately select your textbooks. (Ex. OFT105-0W2) Back to page #3

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22 Begin Your Course As of January 2009, all students will access their online courses by logging into ANGEL on the Internet. Online courses begin the same day as regular on-campus classes. Once you have logged into ANGEL following the directions on the screen, click on the link entitled SLN Student Orientation in the Student Resources area of your ANGEL homepage. This orientation will assist you with navigating ANGEL and your online course. Next click on the link to your course which appears in the Courses area of your homepage. Read the announcement from your instructor, then click on the Learning Modules tab to begin your course! Have a great semester… Back to page #3

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23 Thank You For Choosing NCCC For Your Online Learning Experience! Contact the NCCC Distance Learning Office for more information about how an online course works and procedures. Lisa Dubuc: Coordinator of Distance Learning Phone number: (716) 614-6798 Email Address: Loretta Driskel: Learning Technologies Integration Specialist Phone Number: (716) 614-6488 Email Address: Audra Peter: Technical Assistant Phone Number: (716) 614-6487 Email Address: NCCC Online Learning website

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