Tricky Techniques of Advertising

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Students learn to evaluate how advertisers portray tobacco use. Skills they learn enables them to apply their knowledge in order to make good choices and to create advertisments of their own.


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Tricky Techniques of Advertising : 

Tricky Techniques of Advertising How Tobacco Companies Hook Their Customers A Webquest by Lori Donovan

Rationale For Lesson : 

Rationale For Lesson How can 4th/5th students who read at a first grade level exhibit higher thinking skills? What internet sites will they be able to use? After a Life Skills Training lesson that teaches the eight “tricky techniques” used by advertisers, how can students apply the skills by analyzing and evaluating advertisements and then be able to produce advertisements of their own? Finally, how will they be able to apply their skills by generating a persuasive letter?

Job Description: Advertisement Agent : 

Job Description: Advertisement Agent Tasks 1. Create three advertisements: I’m Really Bad For You Soda Healthy Food Choice Truth About Tobacco 2. Write a persuasive letter

Process : 

Process Students will examine cigarette advertisements online Students will identify at least four “tricky techniques” used to get consumers to use tobacco Students will identify various health risks of tobacco use by viewing related sites

Process : 

Process Students will create an advertisement to sell I’m Really Bad For You Soda using “tricky techniques” Students will create an advertisement for a healthy food choice using “honest techniques” Students will create an advertisement for cigarettes by using the truth

Process : 

Process Students will write a persuasive letter to one of the following: Persuade the President of the United States to ban tobacco products in the U.S. Persuade a friend who is using tobacco products to stop

Rubric : 

Rubric Identify at least 4 “tricky techniques” 10 pts. Identify at least 4 health risks 10 pts. Soda advertisement 20 pts. Healthy food advertisement 20 pts. Truthful tobacco advertisement 20 pts. Persuasive letter 20 pts. Total points- 100

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