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A company profile of SIMTEX International. Sam Simchon, Bay Island Sportswear, Inc. Bay Island Sportswear, Inc. owner of SIMTEX International employs approximately 1,754 in the United States and Honduras.


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About us: We began operations in June of 2008, we are a company dedicated to the manufacturing of knit fabrics. The company is located in Green Valley Industrial Park, 23 kilometers northwest of San Pedro Sula with easy access to Puerto Cortes, the most important port in Central America and also to San Pedro Sula´s International Airport.

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About us: Phase I We are currently operating two (2) shifts, five (5) days a week, we will be adding an additional shift the first week of October which will increase our output to a total of 289,000 pounds per week on a 24/7 scenario. We plan to incrementally increase our production capacity by moving to a 4x4, 24/7 work week. When fully operational on phase I, our capacity with 12 dye machines will be approximately 500,000 pounds per week.

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About us: Phase II On this phase we will be adding 8 more dye machines which will give us a total capacity of 600,000 pounds per week on colors and 200,000 pounds per week on bleach. We will begin this phase of expansion in the first quarter of 2009 and will be completed by summer 2009

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Our Processes: Knitting: We currently have 50 circular knitting machines in operation with an installed capacity of approximately 270,000 pounds per week. We knitt a variety of fabrics utilizing many yarn counts ranging from 16/1 to 40/1. We have recently installed our first 5 machines for open width fabric and our plan is to install 90 additional knitting machines for both tubular and open width.

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Dyeing & Finishing: We have dyeing and finishing equipment to process our fabrics according to the customers requirements in both tubular and open width. We have 12 dye jets on the floor, with 9 that are fully operational and and 3 more coming in line by the end of Year. Our tubular finishing area has: 3 pads 1 dryer, and 3 compactors already operational. 1 napping, 1 brushing (suede) and a turn pole will soon be available for processing fleece and jersey fabric.

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For Open Width: 2 centrifuges, 2 slitters, and 7 tumble dryers already fully operational. 1 stenter frame will be running soon. Open Width Processing:

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Finishing Open process:

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Finishing Tubular process:

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We have the capability to develop and produce a wide variety of knit fabric in order to meet our customer's requirements The main fabric types produced are: Product Description: JERSEY FLEECE 2X1 RIB 1X1 RIB

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Simtex International will guarantee high quality products by using the latest lab procedures and techniques to ensure that we fully satisfy all of our customers requirements and that a “worry free operation” is achieved on the day to day activities. The quality department follows the standards of the American Association of Textile chemists and colorist (AATCC) as well as the standard test required in the industry. Production testing will be done at our quality laboratories with high tech equipment, such as spectrophotometers, light boxes, analytic weight scales, Mullen tester (strength tester), crock meter, lab dye machines and dryers, among others. Our laboratory will be operated supporting our “worry free operation” philosophy. Some of the lab tests that we will perform are: Shrinkage and torque control, Weight, Crocking, PH, Burst, Color permanence to chlorine bleach, among others. Our Quality Assurance :

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Quality Assurance :

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President: Simtex Plant Manager : Sam Simchon Aldo Zavala

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