Successful Online Instructors

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Successful Online Instructors:

Successful Online Instructors Lori Bennett SLU ETEC 645 Spring 2011


Be VOCAL BE VOCAL: Characteristics of Successful Online Instructors John R. Savery: The University of Akron V isible O rganized C ompassionate A nalytical L earner- by- example x


Adaptability Adaptability is Critical to an Online Instructor’s Success: Tyler Allen, University of Phoenix School of Business “Online courses are unique even if you teach the same subject repeatedly. By being adaptable and bringing these experiences into the discussion, faculty members support the curriculum while making the class relevant for students. This is the online instructor’s most important role.”

Communal Architect (A) :

Communal Architect (A)

Communal Architect (B) :

Communal Architect (B) Becoming a “Communal Architect” in the Online Classroom- Integrating Cognitive and Affective Learning for Maximum Effect in Web-Based Learning: Robert Woods and Samuel Ebersole Community Building Activities (CBA) demonstrated/assigned by the instructor. Personal Discussion Folders: Discussion Boards/Chat Rooms Immediacy: Instructor responds within 24 hrs to student Live Chat: Scheduling “Live Chat” office hours helps students Email: Connect for discussion to answer possible questions Audio/Video: Send Audio or Video clips explaining subject

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