Jesus the King of Kings 2


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Jesus the King of Kings:

Jesus the King of Kings -- The King of all the Earth.

The Post Resurrection Discovery:

The Post Resurrection Discovery How did an intinerant rabbi become the King of Kings when he never sat on an earthly throne, never lived in a palace nor ruled an army.

Israel and the Messiah:

Israel and the Messiah “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna to the…

Hope Shattered and Rekindled:

Hope Shattered and Rekindled Hope shattered in the death of Jesus on the cross Hope rekindled in the resurrection And then…

Ascension and Pentecost:

Ascension and Pentecost Jesus’ ascension Peter’s sermon at Pentecost Stephen’s stoning and his vision

An American in Horsham:

An American in Horsham Kings and Queens are outdated relics The problem is allegiance Jesus is Lord! Every knee shall bow.

The Progression:

The Progression The true state – Yahweh is King The fallen state – Many kings no King The fall of Israel – a king like the nations The redemption – a King to the believer The triumph – The King of Kings


Conclusion Jesus will return as King of all the earth The Kingdom of God will be established All the nations of the earth will acknowledge him as Sovereign The scripture will be fulfilled: “The Kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ. And he will reign for ever and ever.”

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