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Mother’s Day : 

Mother’s Day

Dedication page : 

Dedication page For my loving and caring mother. Thank you for all you do for me. Happy Mother’s Day

Limerick : 

Limerick Mother There once was a mother Who called my grandmother When she called in her hospital gown My grandmother came rushing down When my mother had me she wondered should I have another

Couplet : 

Couplet Day and night with my mom When I wake up in the night My mother cures my potential fright Then the next day We run out to play

Name : 

Name Lisa Loving Hardworking Creative Wishes to knit forever Dreams of yarn Wants to open her own yarn shop Who wonders what will happen next year Who fears what will happen to my Grandpa Who is afraid of heights Who likes the color yellow Who loves her family Who loves to sew and quilt Who loves wandering in the mall Who loves our dog Who plans to get a job closer to home Who plans to live a long and content life Who plans to be a good mother Will succeed

Haikou : 

Haikou With a mother close There is nothing to need fear She will keep you safe

Diamante : 

Diamante Mom Suttle, creative Hardworking, cooking, knitting Yarn, spices, Shakespeare, cars reading, writing, learning curious, sporty Dad

Cinquain : 

Cinquain Mom pretty, smart Running, working, sleeping She makes things run orderly caretaker

I Used to Be : 

I Used to Be I used to be, a fawn, carefully walking along, Now I am, a doe, running swift and free

Acrostic : 

Acrostic Makes many things Out running errands Thinking, thinking, thinking Helping with homework Elephant memory Raking up the problems

Clerihew : 

Clerihew My mom has a love for knitting Lots of yarn she did buy To home and start a collection Then she realized she could do anything if she tried

This is mine : 

This is mine This is my mom She likes to knit She gets very creative But most of all she never shies away This is my mom Her hair is blonde Her eyes are the ocean Her laugh means the world to me This is my mom She is always there for me She keeps the stars twinkling Can you do better?

Questions : 

Questions Computers Working What are they typing? Why do they click? Are they just for working? A new deal and I am typing fast. They are not for games. These papers need to be filed Will you do it?

Recipe : 

Recipe My mom is loving When I was born In the hospital She was not forlorn When I came home And started to talk She was very proud But I took a while to walk

Simile : 

Simile My mother is Quiet and Very creative But also protective

Seven : 

Seven There were seven mothers Ready to bake The first one asked what should we do Lets bake a cake The second got a bowl The third got a beater The fourth put things in until the pan was full The fifth took out a temperature meter The sixth said lets bake The seventh just sat there And pondered

Ontamatopia : 

Ontamatopia My mom Look, Look Over there The crowd goes Ooo Wow Cool Awesome Wonderful Ta da She’s ready to care It’s It’s MOM MOM Knitting socks Cutting hair locks So warm And soft This was her hobby before I was born Needles going Click, click, click It’s a MOM

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