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Get one of the best apps for pragmatic language disorder who have autism or developmental delays have trouble picking up on social cues when interacting with peoples.


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Lets Be Social Teach Social Skills & Pragmatic Language to your Kids:

Lets Be Social Teach Social Skills & Pragmatic Language to your Kids Premium Apps for Speech Pathology and Special Education

Introduction of lets be social App:-:

Introduction of lets be social App:- With 25 premium lessons written by ASHA certified SLP's, and the ability to create completely customized lessons from scratch in minutes using your own pictures and text, Let's be Social is a powerful tool/app designed to help special needs professionals and parents model and teach social skills to those that struggle with social communication. 


Features Premium Lessons  1. Lesson Summaries model expected actions and emotions felt during each lesson  2. Q&A mode breaks the lesson down into smaller parts and measures retention  3. 70 custom illustrations show each lesson in detail  4. 25 Lessons are organized in 5 skill sets: Personal Interactions, 5. Navigating the Community, School Behavior, Handling Change, and Social Relationships 


Features Create your Own Content  1. Fast, intuitive content creation tools allow the user to create completely customized lessons on the fly. 2. Address any one of the hundreds of social interactions that happen every day  3. Take pictures or use images saved to your device to support your lessons. Take pictures during role playing exercises to save those memories! Or , take pictures of relatives to prepare for a family trip.   


Description Because of the ability to customize, Let’s be Social can be used with a variety of age ranges. Our content has been used with children and young adults ranging from kindergarten through high school. Our content was created by certified SLP’s, and can be used with individuals who have disabilities including:  Autism Spectrum Disorders  Developmental Delays   Deaf/Hard of Hearing  Social/Emotional   Parents of Neurotypical children have used Let’s be Social to prepare for big events in their children’s

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Thank you Thank you for reading us. For more information kindly visit . We make IPad apps for kids with special needs. Our first app helps kids learn about social skills, also known as pragmatic language. These kids have trouble understanding different social situations, and need to have their teacher help them. We sell to Speech Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, and Parents. The app is called "Let's be Social"

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