Permanent teeth in 3 days Technique

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The technique Permanent teeth in 3 days, all patients can appreciate the advantages of permanent fixed bridges on implants within 3 days. The improvised system is more dependable than conventional strategies. Having set a few quick loaded inserts.


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Permanent teeth in 3 days Technique:

Permanent teeth in 3 days Technique


Introduction Dental implant procedure has proven to be great advantage for the people not having teeth. With fixed permanent teeth on dental implants has simplified the chewing, smiling and confident social life. Dental implants are changing the way people live. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacing teeth which look, feel and function like natural teeth.

What is the technique? :

What is the technique? Improvised technique and modern technology help patients enjoy benefits of permanent fixed bridge implants in just 3 days. Upgraded procedures are always better than traditionally used procedures. Pre-procedural examination may include 3D CAT scanner which will accurately provide dimensions, bone support and also helps ascertain the quality of bone available to conduct the procedure. Teeth in 3 days procedure is considered as one of the most realistic alternatives to missing teeth and one of the best combinations of functionalities and aesthetics.

What is Permanent teeth protocol? :

What is Permanent teeth protocol? Permanent-fixed teeth in 3 days protocol is the in thing in dental implant treatment today. As the name says, every patient receives fixed permanent ceramic teeth in exactly 3 days from the day of implant placement. The most conservative (flapless) surgical technique combined with an in-house dental laboratory can deliver fixed teeth in 3 days. With Permanent-fixed teeth-in-3-days protocol we can replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a full mouth of teeth, upper or lower, with remarkable comfort, predictability and aesthetics.

Procedure o permanent teeth :

Procedure o permanent teeth The permanent teeth in 3 days method can often be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a full mouth of teeth, upper or lower, with remarkable comfort, predictability and aesthetics. Full Mouth Dental Implants Single or Multiple teeth Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants:

Full Mouth Dental Implants For full mouth dental implants, a full set of permanent teeth are fixed on the implants. A full set means getting 12 teeth on each arch. The fabrication of permanent teeth takes 3 days in our hi-tech lab, for a refined and good quality make. After 3 days permanent teeth are fixed. The permanent teeth can be either zirconia (metal free Ceramic)or regular porcelain fused to metal or metal reinforced acrylic hybrid denture. It is mandatory for full mouth implants case to provide a follow -up of 10-12 days post implant placement so to adjust the bite as required.

Single or Multiple teeth Implants :

Single or Multiple teeth Implants One or more dental implants are placed and then the permanent ceramic crown or crowns are fixed within 3 days. The risk factor of immediate crown on single implants is slightly higher compared to that of multiple implants. As such, in a few cases of single implants, we may place a temporary crown for 2-3 months followed by the permanent ceramic crown. We also avoid providing permanent teeth in 3 days in case of replacement of single molar tooth both in the upper and lower jaw.

Permanent teeth in 3 days, How is it done?:

Permanent teeth in 3 days, How is it done? The Permanent-fixed teeth-in-5 days protocol is performed in a single phase. It includes, - Any tooth extraction, as indicated - Implant placement, as planned - Custom made CAD-CAM (designed ‘n’ milled) permanent prosthesis (teeth) fixed on Implants.

Day 1: :

Day 1: On the first visit, the implant team clinically examines the patient, followed by necessary X-rays taken for preliminary assessment. A 3D CBCT Scan (FMS has an in-house CBCT scan facility) if required, will be performed for precision planning. A virtual placement of implants will be demonstrated to the patient on the 3D CBCT SCAN, before finalizing the treatment plan As a part of the treatment planning, the technique, cost factor and different fixed teeth options will be explained to the patient.

Day 2/3: :

Day 2/3: The teeth are extracted and the implants are also placed during the same surgical visit. A fixed acrylic bridge is fabricated on the same day of surgery. Impressions are taken for permanent ceramic teeth. Day4/5: The permanent ceramic teeth are custom prepared and fixed within 5 days.

Candidates for permanent teeth in 3 days :

Candidates for permanent teeth in 3 days Missing front or back teeth Teeth that are decayed and cannot be saved Uncomfortable dentures Mobile teeth that compromises chewing ability Periodontal problems leading to severe mobility of teeth

Why this is not recommended:

Why this is not recommended Only 10 or 12 teeth are replaced – Ideally 14 teeth are needed to restore chewing efficiency. Immediate crowns given are of plastic. Ceramic crowns are given in a second sitting 3 to 4 months later – this requires multiple visits.

What we need :

What we need Placement of 6 to 8 implants in the lower jaw; and 10 – 12 teeth in the upper jaw. A combination of implants and techniques are used (varies case to case) depending on: Bone height Medical considerations – Diabetes etc Esthetic Needs of the patient

Comparison of different implant treatment techniques:

Comparison of different implant treatment techniques Versatility of the implant team is very crucial in implant treatment planning and execution. Many of the known implant practitioners perform only a single technique for every situation, because they are only familiar to that one technique. They not only promote that technique, they even put down other modalities. No technique is superior to any other technique. The fact is that, different techniques and approaches are required for different clinical situations, for the ultimate success of implant.

Benefits of Permanent Teeth In 3 days :

Benefits of Permanent Teeth In 3 days It reduces overall cost when compared to All Four / Six technique as the work is done in single visit. The permanent crowns are fixed in 3 days. It eliminates the need for bone grafting, in most cases unlike the traditional approaches. Requires minimal recovery time and minimally invasive, as we use flapless technique. Relieves many frustrations of removable appliance. It allows easy maintenance through proper oral hygiene. It ensures long-term results with the potential to last a lifetime. Can be done in people with weak bone, diabetic and blood pressure patients also.


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