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Data Science is the science of learnnig from data which examines the strategies associated with processing of data. Read more at Data Science online training


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10 skills to work as a Data Scientist number one Job in India:

10 skills to work as a Data Scientist number one Job in India

What is data science? :

What is data science? Data Science is the process of taking the meaning from Data. This meaning full data can be used for making decisions. This process defines collecting data, producing it and using tools for collecting exact information from it. Data scientist Job is the trending Job in 20 th century

Skills for Data Scientist :

Skills for Data Scientist 10 most usually mentioned technical skills required for Job postings of Data Scientist they are known as: python, you should have the knowledge of python programming language up to 72% R is the programming language you should have skills upto 64% in this. SQL is the basis of Data Science you must have in depth knowledge on this up to 51%

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Hadoop,now a days Hadoop is helping every IT service, you should have a basic knowledge up to 39%. Java,is the programming language that helps you to design mobile apps,you should have Java Skills upto 33% SAS,is the application programming language you should aquire knowledge on it by 30% Spark ,this technology is used by so many companies are looking for Spark Developers, and you should get knowledge up to 27%

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Matlab,it is mainly used for image processing so you should familiar with matlab up to 20%. Hive you must have knowledge in HIVE Up to 17%. Tableau is trending now a days you should basics up to 14% So these are the skills required for a Professional to become a data scientist.

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For every 10 job postings they are asking at least python,R,and SQL skills. This skills are like bread and butter which that every data scientist should have. This are the skills required that you should have to work as a Data Scientist.

What data Scientist do?:

What data Scientist do? A company benefits having a Data Scientist by, When there is a requirement to get large number volumes of data. When processing a lot of operating customer Data. When they get lots of benefits from social media platforms, customer research and third party data sets.

Data scientist adds value t business:

Data scientist adds value t business Encouraging management and officers to make better Decisions. Data scientists shows the actions depended on current trends which in return help in solving company goals. Making decisions with statistical data and evidence. Identifying the targeted audience.

There are professionals around the country who successfully Placed as a Data scientists.:

There are professionals around the country who successfully Placed as a Data scientists. Many of the companies and Businesses are using Data Science as a primary tool to get accurate data.

To get the knowledge on Data Science :

To get the knowledge on Data Science There are Institutions around the World that teach all the Basic Concepts and give complete knowledge on data Science in Data Science Online Course You will get the real time Experience With Data Science Online Course with 7 years experience Trainers you can access life Time and Clarification of doubts 24X7 around the World.

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Online IT Guru Provides Data Science Online Course along with   various countries around the world like Canada, USA, UK, Japan and few others. In India, Online IT Guru has presence in Pune , Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and other major cities.

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