Income Tax Deductions on Property in Aragon


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Buying Property in Spain : Income Tax Deductions Aragon

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Income Tax Deductions Aragon Due to the fact that there are 17 different autonomous communities in Spain each with competence to enact legislation on tax matters, we must consider each region separately in order to determine what, if any, tax breaks are available with respect to property purchase and ownership.

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The specific income tax deductions in each region are often in addition to any State level deductions and are a reflection of the priorities each region wishes to address. Spanish Property Law

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Currently, in Aragón there is only one regional tax deduction made available in relation to property purchase. Article 110-6 of Decreto Legislativo 1/2005 provides that any resident of Aragón who is a victim of terrorism may deduct 3% of any investment in a first home by the victim or close relatives. Victims of Terrorism

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Apart from any regional tax breaks there are state level income tax deductions available with regard to purchase of a primary residence as well as renting of the same. State Level Tax Breaks

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Simply put, the property transaction process in Spain is unique to this country with legal assumptions made here that just don't exist elsewhere Pitfalls Dealing with Property in Spain

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