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World War I: 

World War I It is not an army that we must train for war, it is a nation. Woodrow Wilson

Causes of WWI - MAIN: 

Causes of WWI - MAIN Militarism- The development of armed forces and their use as a tool of diplomacy. Alliance System- Allies (Triple Entente) VS Central Powers (Triple Alliance) Imperialism- European nations building empires. Nationalism- A devotion to the interests and culture of one’s nation, leads to rivalries among nations.

Allies VS Central Powers: 

Allies VS Central Powers Allies France Great Britain Russia US Central Powers Germany Austria-Hungary Italy (Ottoman Empire)

The Spark!: 

The Spark! Balkan Peninsula Powder Keg of Europe June 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand Sarajevo Gavrilo Princip Black Hand Alliances run to rescue! The Great War Starts!

Schlieffen Plan: 

Schlieffen Plan This was Germany’s plan to fight a two front war. (East and West) They could transport fast by train. Strike quickly and knock France out of the war. Germany struck through Neutral Belgium. Belgium slowed them up, France and England dug in.

Let the Games Begin: 

Let the Games Begin The Allies retreated to the Marne River in September 1914. The French and German’s settled into a complex trench warfare. The three main trenches were the front line, the support, and reserve. The area between trenches were called no man’s land.

Battle of Somme: 

Battle of Somme July 1, 1916 Lasted until November. 1.2 Million dead. Continued for three years.

Where in the World is the US?: 

Where in the World is the US? The US was not interested in getting into a war in 1914. Was not a direct threat. Divided Socialists- war was capitalistic. Many still had ties with family in old country. Economic ties with Allies.

Struck a Nerve: 

Struck a Nerve British Blockade- Block goods from getting to Germany. Food was one of the goods- Germans started to starve. U-Boats fight back. Lusitania sunk. 128 Americans killed. Americans blame Germany- tide has turned.

Or Else!: 

Or Else! Other similar situations happened with the boats Arabic and Sussex. Germany said that it would keep shooting the boats if the US could not convince the British of stopping their blockade. Wilson Elected in 1916

Zimmerman Note: 

Zimmerman Note This was a telegram from the German foreign minister to the German ambassador in Mexico. It was intercepted by the British. Proposal for Mexico and Germany to become allies. Germans would help Mexico fight the US for Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

It’s On!: 

It’s On! The US declares war in April of 1917. Americans start a war effort. Selective Service Act. Mass production of war materials. John J. Pershing led the American Expeditionary Force. American infantrymen were called doughboys.

Producing War Materials: 

Producing War Materials President Wilson War Industries Board Production rose 20%. Wages increased. Food restriction and victory gardens. Liberty Loans and Victory Loan


Propaganda Biased communication designed to influence people’s thoughts and actions. Committee on Public Information. Topics covered: Draft, rationing, bond drives, victory gardens, why are we fighting, and the meaning of America.

New Technology: 

New Technology Machine Guns Airplanes Anticraft Gun Poison Gas Tanks


Russia pulls out in 1917 Germans put those forces on Western front in France. America came to the rescue and helped push the Germans back. By November 1918, Austria-Hungary surrenders. German sailors mutinied against the government.

They are Finished!: 

They are Finished! Word spread fast and the Kaiser had to give up the German government. A German republic was set up by socialist leaders. The eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, in the eleventh month of 1918, the war was over. Armistice was reached. (truce)

The Cost: 

The Cost 22 million dead Half of them were civilians 20 million wounded $338 Billion

Treaty of Versailles: 

Treaty of Versailles Big Four Wilson- United States A Lasting Peace Use his Fourteen Points Create a League of Nations

Clemenceau- France: 

Clemenceau- France Alsace- Lorraine from Germany Punish Germany by making them pay reparations. Made the Central Powers responsible for starting the war.

Lloyd George- Britain: 

Lloyd George- Britain Take German Colonies in Africa Take Ottoman territory in the Middle East Punish Germany by making them pay reparations. Severely limit German Navy.

Orlando- Italy: 

Orlando- Italy Promised land from Austria-Hungary in exchange for helping the Allies during the Great War. Not There: Russia and Central Powers

Results of Treaty: 

Results of Treaty Nine new countries created in Eastern Europe. Ottoman Empire carved up like a Turkey and given to Britain and France as mandates. German Army drastically reduced. Germany forced to pay reparations- war damages of $56 Billion Creation of League of Nations in Switzerland.

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