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This PPT Presentation gives the information about what is Laser Dentistry? Lasers can be used for a number of dental treatments and Laser Dentistry Advantages


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What is Solea Laser Dentistry?:

What is Solea Laser Dentistry? Laser dentistry refers to any dental work that is completed with the help of lasers . Lasers are simply devices that funnel out light energy in a very narrow, intense stream. When this energy is highly concentrated, it can be used to perform a wide variety of dental procedures. Solea laser system is perhaps the most advanced form of laser dentistry. This system uses a unique and powerful wavelength guided by sophisticated computers for effective, long-lasting treatment on both the gums and the teeth. Solea lasers provide dentistry that is pain-free, drill-free, and noise-free for a more relaxing dental experience every time. The majority of procedures can be completed without the use of anesthetics.

Does it Hurt? :

Does it Hurt? The use of lasers in dental work makes for comfortable dentistry. In fact, it often alleviates the need for anesthesia because it takes the place of incisions, drilling, and other painful techniques. Over 95% of dental fillings completed with Solea lasers are performed without anesthetics. Lasers make dental work more comfortable and relaxing because they allow dentists to be much more precise, only eradicating or manipulating unhealthy areas and leaving the healthy tissue alone. This results in less swelling, less chance for infection and faster healing times. Lasers are also much quieter than conventional dental drills, which allows for a more relaxing, anxiety-free dental procedure.

Is it Dangerous? :

Is it Dangerous? When laser dentistry is performed correctly, it is not only safe, it is oftentimes more precise and effective than using traditional dental drills. In actuality, laser work helps to preserve healthy tissue and tooth structure more effectively than other tools. There is less bleeding and less chance of infection because of its precise results. We also always provide protective eyewear to protect the eyes from the strong beams of light.

Lasers are used in Dentistry for :

Lasers are used in Dentistry for Treatment for mouth or oral sores Periodontal surgery Cosmetic improvements to a “gummy” smile To remove infection from teeth Biopsies Treating gum disease Teeth whitening procedures Control gum tissue during impressions or molds Frenectomy Removing overgrowth of tissue

Laser Gum Treatment :

Laser Gum Treatment Dentist use lasers to provide patients with quality periodontal treatment. When a patient suffers from disease in the gums, lasers can easily reach into the deep gum pockets to remove harmful bacteria while preserving healthy gum tissue . This technique is incredibly more effective than traditional scale and root planning. There is no blood, little to no swelling and patients experience very little discomfort while their gum health is being restored.

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