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HOLES 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Meet the Author - Louis Sachar : 

Meet the Author - Louis Sachar Holes is an award winning book written by an author from Austin, Texas, Louis Sachar. Holes received the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature and the Newbery Medal. The popular book was turned into a movie. Mr. Sachar also wrote the screenplay for the Holes movie. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Stanley Yelnats : 

Stanley Yelnats Stanley is a student, just like you! He is found guilty of a crime he did not commit. His bad luck can be traced back to an old family curse! Stanley is sent to a juvenile correctional facility in a West Texas desert as punishment for his crime. In this thematic unit you will find out more about Stanley, his friends, the curse, buried treasure, and the desert! 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Synopsis : 

Synopsis The story's protagonist, Stanley Yelnats, is wrongfully convicted of stealing a pair of sneakers (which fell from the sky and hit him on the head) and he is sentenced to 18 months of service at Camp Green Lake in Texas. He attributes this to his family's old curse of bad luck. Green Lake has dried up 110 years ago, and each inmate at the juvenile correction facility must spend his day in the desert-like lake bed digging a hole that must be five feet deep and five feet in diameter. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Making the “Hole” Connection : 

Making the “Hole” Connection Themes such as homelessness, bullying, and racism are explored in Holes. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 6: 

Digging Holes Builds Character! 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Characters : 

Characters 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

And Introducing… : 

And Introducing… The yellow spotted lizard 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 9: 

Stanley’s Story Begins…. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 10: 

SUB PLOT 1 Elya Yelnats Flashback # 1 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 11: 

Setting- Latvia Elya Yelnats was Stanley’s great-great-grandfather. He was born in Latvia. When he was fifteen years old he fell in love with Myra Menke. Elya wanted to ask her father “for her hand” because her father wanted her to marry when she would be fifteen years old. Myra´s father wanted to have a fat pig in exchange for his daughter. So Elya went to Madam Zeroni. He wanted to ask her for an advice how he can get a big, nice and fat pig for Myra`s father and Myra for him. Madam Zeroni agreed to help him. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 12: 

She gave him a little tiny pig and then she said he has to take the pig on the top of the mountain every day. On the mountain there is a stream and the pig has to drink from this stream. As it drinks he has to sing a song to him. When he does so the pig will grow up every day and Elya would be a little bit stronger every day. But Madam Zeroni also wanted that he take her on top of the mountain, too. She wanted to drink from the stream and he should sing for her. Elya promised he would do so. At the last day on Myra’s fifteenth birthday Elya had to take the pig on the top of the mountain for a last time but he didn`t do so because he was too excided already and he did not want to smell bad… So his pig weighed the same as Igor’s pig. Igor was Elya’s competitor. He wanted to marry Myra, too. The father couldn`t decide which boy he should take so he let Myra decide… This girl said, ”I`ll marry whoever guesses the closest number to mine between one to ten..” Igor said ten… Elya didn`t say anything. He knew Myra did not love him. After leaving Myra’s house he went to the harbor. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 13: 

There he saw a sign; ” Deck hands wanted, free passage to America”. Immigration into America - making his luck, this was what Mme. Zeroni had suggested him from the beginning. He was so frustrated and disappointed that he went on this ship. The captain signed him aboard… In the middle of the Atlantic he remembered his promise to Madame Zeroni. He felt terrible. But now he couldn`t change anything on the situation. He was on his way to another life. But now there was a curse on the whole Yelnats family. But he wasn`t afraid of the curse because he thought that it was all silly nonsense. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 14: 

After his disappointment that Myra didn’t love him he just forgot to carry Mme. Zeroni up the mountain. But he shows remorse at breaking his promise when he remembered that he had broken the promise on the ship to America. In America he learned to speak English and fell in love with Sarah Miller. With her he got a son called Stanley Yelnats. There was no easy life in America. Elya and his wife always worked hard but there was always bad luck… Like a curse. Elya’s story shows that he in general was a faithful and nice guy. But he is a little bit naïve because he was sure that Myra would choose him instead of Igor. But he fought for the “one great love”. He carried the pig up the mountain every day and sang the song to him. So he became a real man and very strong. Because in the end the pig was fully grown. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 15: 

The CURSE Begins… 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 16: 

While at Camp Green Lake, Stanley is introduced to the workers there – The Warden, Mr. Sir, and Dr. Pendanski. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

The Warden : 

The Warden The Warden is the ultimate symbol of cruel authority at Camp Green Lake. She rewards only those who do what she wants and uses her power to threaten everyone else. She has hidden cameras that she uses to spy on the boys and nail polish with rattlesnake venom that she will use to scratch those who displease her. She is a descendent of Charles and Linda Walker and is making the boys dig holes in an attempt to dig up Kate Barlow's treasure. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Mr. Sir : 

Mr. Sir Mr. Sir is the counselor at the camp. He is severe, arrogant and nasty. Once addicted to smoking tobacco, he has quit smoking and eats sunflower seeds constantly (one bag a week). However, at the end of the story, he starts smoking again on the grounds that 'Sunflower seeds won't cut it.' It is he who often remarks "this isn't a Girl Scout camp", which generates the irony of Camp Green Lake's transformation into just that. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder of a snake. He wears sunglasses and a cowboy hat. He also gets scratched by The Warden and her fingernail polish. He sometimes drives the water truck around the lake for the campers. His real name is Marion. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Mr. Pendanski : 

Mr. Pendanski Mr. Pendanski was the group counselor. He small demeanor did not lessen his spitefulness toward Zero whom he frequently said was stupid. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 20: 

X-RAY 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 21: 

HECTOR ‘ZERO’NI 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 22: 

2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 23: 

2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 24: 

This is Stanley’s family. His father, Stanley Yelnats IV has a laboratory in his apartment which made it smell really bad. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 25: 

2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 26: 

2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 27: 

Stanley makes his get away To try and rescue Zero. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 28: 

Zig Zag Zig Zag is a boy with zig zaggy blond hair (hence the nickname) and an attitude. He does not say much but at one time broke into a fight with Stanley over Stanley's trade-off with Zero that include Zero digging Stanley's holes in exchange for reading and writing lessons. His real name is Ricky. Squid Squid is one of the boys in Camp Green Lake. Nothing much is known about him, as it's pretty ambiguous how he even made it to Camp Green Lake. There are some possibility that his crime relates to his relationship with his mother, as he constantly taunts Stanley of writing his mother a letter. In the end of the book, he even mentions to Stanley to write a note to his own mother, saying that he was sorry. His real name is Alan. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 29: 

ArmpitA large African-American boy at Camp Green Lake. Brusque, but loyal to his friends, especially to X-Ray, the self-appointed leader of the group. Although his real name is Theodore, he is nicknamed "Armpit," as explained in the book's sequel, because of pain in the flesh between his arm and his torso (it may also have something to do with his name, which can be interpreted as "The Odor"). X-RayX-Ray, whose nickname is Pig Latin for his proper name, Rex, is Tent D's leader. He also goes by the name T-Rex. He is African American and wears thick glasses. He is street-smart and dictates to the other boys. At the end of the book, when Camp Green Lake is closed down and the other boys cheer Stanley, X-Ray is seen hanging back, and then leaving by himself. He, for having been at the camp the longest in his group, has the privilege of using the shortest shovel and standing at the head of the line for water. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Charles "Trout" Walker : 

Charles "Trout" Walker During the 1800s, Trout Walker was a wealthy, loud, stupid, arrogant, selfish, don't care about no one, egocentric, display-prone local bully. He was Katherine Barlow's student, albeit more for her company than for an education, until she refused to be courted by him. Trout later killed Katherine's secret sweetheart Sam, who is an African American and at the time it was illegal for an African American to kiss a white woman. After Green Lake dried up, Trout Walker's family lost their fortune, for which Linda Miller had married him for. Trout and Linda found Kate in the cabin and dragged her to the dried-up lake, not even giving her time to put on her shoes. She was forced to walk on the hot ground, being ordered to give them the hidden cash. If she stopped walking, Trout and Linda would hit Kate on the back with a shovel and demand again that she lead them to the spot or they'd kill her. Kate is unfazed, saying that she has wanted to die for a long time, and that they'd never find the loot. Kate dies laughing when she's bitten on her wrist by a yellow-spotted lizard leaving them unable to locate the treasure. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 31: 

MagnetMagnet, whose real name is José, is a Hispanic, lively character. Magnet steals whatever he can get his hands on, as he mentions that his "fingers are like little magnets"; he is at Camp Green Lake because he stole a puppy .He said that he would have made it out of there if his pocket didn't start barking. He manages to steal Mr. Sir's bag of sunflower seeds, which complicates matters for Stanley later. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Madame Zeroni : 

Madame Zeroni Madame Zeroni was an old African woman living in Latvia. She had no left foot and was the friend of Elya Yelnats. She is one ancestor of Hector Zeroni (Zero). When Elya came to Madame Zeroni to seek help in marrying Myra Menke, she gave him the runt of her litter of pigs and told him that he had to carry the pig up a mountain ("where the water runs uphill"), let it drink water from the stream and sing him a specific lullaby. If he completed that task and continued to do it everyday for a month, then the pig would grow big and strong — as well as himself — and he could trade it for the hand of Myra. In return, when the pig was full grown, then he would have to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain and let her drink from the stream and sing her the same lullaby. If he did not complete that task, then he, and the rest of his descendants, would be cursed. Although Elya did not believe in the curse, he wanted to carry up Madame Zeroni as an act of friendship, but unfortunately, he forgot his end of the bargain and went to America, therefore cursing himself and the rest of his descendants. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Brian (Twitch) : 

Brian (Twitch) When Zero runs away, Twitch is put in the D Tent. He twitches a lot (hence the nickname), and has a problem with taking cars on joyrides, and whenever he gets near a "real nice car," he starts twitching a lot more. When Stanley attempts to bring the truck to where Zero is, Twitch yells, "Put 'er in gear!" 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Yellow Spotted Lizards : 

Yellow Spotted Lizards The Texas yellow-spotted lizards are fictional venomous reptilians that are 6-10 inches long and are native to the desert outside of Camp Green Lake. The book mentions that they have exactly 11 yellow spots on their yellow green body with red eyes, black teeth, and white tongue. Their venomous bite is said to be fatal but can be repelled by the smell of "onion” juice. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 35: 

Sub Plot 2 Kissing Kate Barlow By Your Class Flashback # 2 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 36: 

Katherine Barlow is a sweet and intelligent woman who teaches in a one-room school house on Green Lake one hundred and ten years before it becomes Camp Green Lake. She falls in love with Sam, the man who sells onions in the town, because he is kind, strong, and smart. . Although the rest of the white people in the town are racist and enforce rules that prohibit blacks from going to school, Kate (who is white) does not care about the color of a person's skin and she loves Sam (who is black) for the person that he is. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 37: 

When Kate and Sam kiss the town grows angry and kills Sam. Kate is devastated by Sam's death and decided to have revenge. She becomes Kissin' Kate Barlow, one of the most feared outlaws in the west. Although Kate is still responsible for the cruelty that she perpetrates, it is clear that if she and Sam had not suffered so much cruelty at the hands of others she would have retained her warm and helpful personality. Kate is one of the many examples in the book of a person who sounds cruel or bad but in reality is simply unlucky and misunderstood. Kate Barlow is the schoolteacher-turned-outlaw who robbed Stanley's great- grandfather. She lived on Green Lake one hundred and ten years ago, when there was still water in it. While intelligent and kind by nature, the murder of her beloved Sam turns Kate into a violent outlaw who lives on the wrong side of the law. Character Analysis 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 38: 

Kate shot the sheriff and then kissed him. She kissed everyman that she killed. Then began a twenty year spree of robbing banks, trains, and stage coaches. It was while robbing one stage coach that she stole from Stanley Yelnats I. It was his money that was buried for over a hundred years under the sands of what used to be Camp Green Lake. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 39: 

Trout Walker and his wife returned and captured her to find the location of the treasure. She dies due to a bite from a yellow-spotted lizard. In the present day novel, the intent of Camp Green Lake is to dig holes to find the treasure. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 40: 

Kate is bit by a yellow spotted lizard and dies- her treasure buried far beneath the sand. She tells Trout Walker that he and his children and his childrens’ children would have to dig for a hundred years and still not find the money. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 41: 

It is the stealing of Sweet feet’s shoes that gets Stanley sent to Camp Green Lake. As it turns out, Stanley was actually innocent of the crime for which he was being punished- since it was Zero who had stolen the shoes in the first place. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 42: 

2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 43: 

The Link that breaks the CURSE When Stanley carries Zero up the mountain, he is actually helping to follow through on the promise made by his great, great grandfather and thereby lift the curse from the Yelnats family… 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

Slide 44: 

Stanley’s father is trying to recycle old or used sneakers, but he can’t seem to find a shoe freshener to kill the bad odors. In the end, it is a combination of sweet onions and peaches that does the trick. 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

The End : 

The End 2/10/2010 Dr. C. Walker

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