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3M ESPE is the dental business of the $30 Billion 3M Company with over 110 years of experience in innovation. Lava™ Zirconia crowns & bridges are designed to look and feel like beautiful natural teeth.


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Overlay Porcelain for Lava ™ Frameworks Lava ™ Ceram

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“The product is the essence based on experience.” An excellent match for your high standards Developed as a part of the Lava system Lava ™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain is the choice for restorations that are truly masterpieces. Use Lava ™ Ceram to create your next work of art and achieve the natural-looking long-lasting results patients demand. Lava ™ Ceram makes it easy to recreate the esthetics of a real tooth with extraordinary new shades and amazing optical effects that ensure a beautiful restoration. A truly inspiring system: • Lava ™ Ceram was designed for the Lava ™ System and provides proven bond strength to Lava ™ Copings. • Unique colored copings let you start with the best possible canvas. • 23 new effect porcelains give you an expanded palette capable of matching virtually any tooth. • Available in kits designed to ft the way you work.

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With our new shades cr eating beautiful r estorations is easier than ever . More color shades. More translucence. More opalescence. Simply more of what you look for in an overlay porcelain. With Lava ™ Ceram it’s easier to build restorations that match and blend with the surrounding natural teeth. New effect porcelains include: 6 High-Fluor escent Dentin Por celains FLU-In Accentuate specifc areas in dentin such as mamelons and secondary dentin. Apply in thin layers with framework modifer or dentin porcelain. 4 Opaque Dentin Por celains OD Support and intensify base color. Apply in thin layers or mix with framework modifer or dentin porcelain. 2 High-T ranslucent Opal Por celains ICE Enhance penetration in the incisal area. Use like enamel and transpa porcelains. 4 High-Opalescent T ranslucent Por celains Natur e Create natural opal effect in the incisal area. These effect powders give the ceramics a subtle gleam that appears reddish-yellowish to bluish. Use like enamel and translucent porcelains. 3 Cervical Incisal T ranspar ent Por celains Cl Increase the color translucency and intensity or chroma in the cervical and incisal area. Use like translucent porcelains. 2 Gingiva Por celains Recreate the original gingiva areas. Incorporate into the frst and/or second dentin baking. The colors can be mixed with Magic Intensive Porcelains found in the Lava Ceram Pop Art Set. 2 Corr ection Por celains CR Make minor adjustments with transparent or yellowish correction porcelain. Color Enhancements.

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Lava ™ Ceram Overlay Porcelain for Lava ™ Frameworks

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Layering diagram Natural teeth ICE OD3 E2 FL1 FL3 FL1 E2 E2 + CL N3 A1 N4 CI1 A2

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Optimized in dentin shades. Apply the fourescent framework modifers such as MO A1 – A3 to enhance light dispersion through the zirconia crown. If a putty index is available use the dentin color with index in place. Shape incisal edge with index. Apply a thin layer of Opaque Dentin such as A3 to the cervical area.

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Facial cutback. Lengthen the shape with enamel porcelain approximately 1mm. Apply the mamelon structures with FLU-In Dentin. Characterization of the facial surface with colors N2 T3 and CI3.

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OD3 overlaid with enamel porcelains. Crowns after frst bake. Layer the lingual surface with OD3. Make corrections with Nature N2 porcelain in incisal area and CI3 in cervical area. Second bake made with CI3 N2 and OD2.

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Appearance after second baking. Example of contour and texture. Completed work. Completed work. Second bake made with CI3 N2 and E2.

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E2 + CL E2 ICE1 A1 OD3 FL3 FL4 ICE1 E2 + CL E3 OD3 E3 CI3 A3 N3 E2 ICE1 N3 A2 OD3 FL1 N3

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Note: Temperature and baking times are approximate. To test your oven please perform a trial bake using the clearest ceramic material. Refer to the next page for more information. Firing instructions Start temp. Drying time T under vacuum T without vacuum Final temp. Holding time under vacuum Holding time without vacuum First dentin/enamel or modifer fring 450°C 842°F 6 min 27.2°C/min 81°F/min N/A 810°C 1490°F 1 min N/A Second dentin/enamel fring 450°C 842°F 6 min 27.2°C/min 81°F/min N/A 800°C 1472°F 1 min N/A Glaze fring with glaze and/or stain 480°C 896°F 2 min N/A 45°C/min 113°F/min 790°C 1454°F N/A 1 min Glaze fring without glaze and/or stain 480°C 896°F 2 min N/A 45°C/min 113°F/min 820°C 1508°F N/A N/A Correction bake 450°C 842°F 2 min 45°C/min 113°F/min N/A 700°C 1292°F 1 min N/A First shoulder porcelain fring 450°C 842°F 4 min 45°C/min 113°F/min N/A 840°C 1544°F 1 min N/A Second shoulder porcelain fring 450°C 842°F 4 min 45°C/min 113°F/min N/A 830°C 1526°F 1 min N/A

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Note: The data on fring procedures and temperatures represent approximate values. Deviations depend greatly on the type and power of the oven the location of the temperature sensor the fring tray and the size of the workpiece. We recommend that you calibrate your oven as follows before using it with Lava ™ Ceram: • Program the o v en for dentin baking • Mix La v a ™ Ceram Clear and model it in the approximate shape of the color chip on the shade guide Important: Respect the shape and thickness • Bak e the test chip in accordance with the “First dentin and enamel baking” instructions • A f t e r i t h a s c o o l e d o f f c o m p a r e t h e t e s t c h i p ’ s t r a n s l u c e n c y a n d c o l o r t o t h e c o l o r chip on the shade guide If the baked test chip matches the color chip on the shade guide middle then you can continue working without making any adjustments left: overbaked right: underbaked. If you notice any deviations then the baking program must be adapted. If the ceramic becomes too porous opaque or rough increase the baking temperature and/or decrease the preheat and vacuum start temperature or check the vacuum pump and the oven for airtightness. If the ceramic is too pale and glassy decrease the preheat temperature or the baking temperature.

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Lava ™ Ceram Shade Guides Additional Lava ™ Ceram Shade Guides ar e available for pur chase. 68722 Framework Modifer Shade Guide 68723 Enamel/Transparent Shade Guide 68724 Shoulder/Magic Intensive Shade Guide 68726 Dentin Shade Guide 68725 Performer Set Shade Guide United States Customers: To place an order call 3M ESPE at 1-800-216-9502 Canadian Customers: To place an order call 3M ESPE at 1-800-265-1840 ext. 6229 For more information call your Authorized Lava ™ Milling Center or visit us on-line at Item No. Product Information Ordering Information 68719 Lava ™ Ceram Popular Set Start with 15g bottles of the most popular shades in a set that will giv e you what you need to begin cr eating amazingly natural-looking r estorations. Other shades that ar e not included in the popular set can be pur chased separately . 10 Dentin Porcelains A1 A2 A3 A3.5 B1 B2 B3 C2 D2 W2 10 Framework Modifers same as Dentin shades 4 Enamel Porcelains E1 E2 E3 E4 4 Transparent Opal Porcelains 2 Enamel Effects Porcelains 3 Shoulder Ceramics 2 Correction Porcelains Transparent-clear and Glaze Modeling Liquid and Shoulder Ceramic Liquid 4 Shade Guides framework modifer shade guide dentin shade guide enamel shade guide and shoulder/magic intensive shade guide 68720 Lava ™ Ceram Performer Set The Performer Set contains all 23 of our new ef fect por celains in 15g bottles. 6 High-Fluorescent Dentin Porcelains FLU-In 4 Opaque Dentin Porcelains OD 2 High-Translucent Opal Porcelains ICE 4 High-Opalescent Translucent Porcelains Nature 3 Cervical Incisal Translucent Porcelains CI 2 Gingiva Porcelains 2 Correction Porcelains CR Modeling Liquid 40ml Lava Ceram Performer Shade Guide 68721 Lava ™ Ceram Pop Art Set The Pop Art Set is designed for high-end esthetic ef fects used to cr eate truly individual beautiful and detailed r estorations. 10 Magic Intensive Shades 5g 10 Stains 5g Glaze 15g Modeling Liquid 40ml Stain/Glaze Liquid 40ml 68734 Lava ™ Ceram Trial Kit The trial kit is designed to give you a taste of what you can achieve wit h Lava ™ Ceram. Framework Modifer MO A2 15g Dentin Porcelain D A2 15g Enamel Porcelain E2 15g Clear 15g Cervical Incisal Transparent Porcelain in Lychee CI1 15g High-Opalescent Transparent Nature in Snow N4 15g Modeling Liquid 40ml

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Dental Products 3M Center Building 275-2SE-03 St. Paul MN 55144-1000 USA 3M Canada Post Offce Box 5757 London Ontario N6A 4T1 Canada 1 800 265-1840 ext. 6229 Minimum 10 Post-Consumer Fiber Printed in U.S.A. © 3M 2006 All Rights Reserved 70-2009-3801-0 Photos courtesy of Jan Langner. 3M ESPE and Lava are trademarks of 3M or 3M ESPE AG. Vita and Vitapan Classical Shade Guide are not trademarks of 3M ESPE or 3M ESPE AG. Used under license in Canada. 3M ESPE Customer Care Center at 1-800-216-9502 Visit for more information

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