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Attaching a Syllabus : 

Attaching a Syllabus After viewing this tutorial the learner will know how to load a syllabus into Sakai (Learning Management System).

Login using your university email information : 

Login using your university email information

Slide 3: 

Click a class/site from the Quicklinks menu.

Slide 4: 

Click the Syllabus Tool

Slide 5: 

Click the Add Button

Slide 6: 

Type the title of the syllabus

Slide 7: 

Select Add Attachment Button

Slide 8: 

Select Browse Button

Slide 9: 

Select Syllabus

Slide 10: 

Select Open

Slide 11: 

Click Continue

Slide 12: 

Click Post

Slide 13: 

Syllabus is successfully added

Slide 14: 

Select Refresh Arrows to return to main Syllabus window

Slide 15: 

The Syllabus is now available to the Site Participants Copyright 2010 | Lauryl Brown Lewis | Boise State University

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