Moral Development

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Moral Development : 

Moral Development Middle School

Pre-conventional Morality : 

Pre-conventional Morality Earliest and least mature stage Seen mostly in pre-school children 2 Stages Punishment and avoidance Exchange of favors In this stage students do what is best for them Kohlberg’s Stages of Morality

Conventional Morality : 

Conventional Morality Characterized by acceptance of societies conventions concerning right and wrong 2 Stages Good boy/Good girl Law & Order This is the stage we would find more middle school children In this stage people are concerned with pleasing others

Post Conventional Morality : 

Post Conventional Morality People have developed their own set of abstract principles to define what is right and wrong 2 stages Social contract Universal ethic principle

Factors affection progression through the stages : 

Factors affection progression through the stages Students may be in many different levels in different stages of life i.e.. One grade 12 student may be in the first or second stage while another is in the fifth Kohlberg also states that cognitive development is a necessary but insufficient condition for moral development

Promoting Moral Behavior in the Classroom : 

Promoting Moral Behavior in the Classroom Give reasons why some behaviors are unacceptable Provide practice in recognizing others emotional states Expose students to numerous models of moral behavior Encourage discussions about moral issues and dilemmas It is important to put these ideas into practice during the middle years as many students are also developing their self concept during this time and thus it is beneficial to model appropriate moral and prosocial behavior

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