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Chicago Mobs in 1920s : 

Chicago Mobs in 1920s By: Hayden Braaten

Prohibition and Motives : 

Prohibition and Motives In the 1920s, organized Crime in Chicago was fueled by prohibition. When alcohol was outlawed the demand for it increased drastically. The mobs in Chicago saw an opportunity to make money, and the did. The profit motivation was so large, 400 people were killed each year because of it.

Formation of Rivalries : 

Formation of Rivalries With large profit margins many rivalries were formed. One major rivalry was formed between John Torrrio’s protégé Al Capone and Bugs Moran. This rivalry led up to one of the most bloody crimes in Chicago mafia history. VS

This event was the Valentines Day Massacre. In the massacre 7 members of Moran’s gang were killed : 

This event was the Valentines Day Massacre. In the massacre 7 members of Moran’s gang were killed

Weaponry Used by Mafia : 

Weaponry Used by Mafia The Chicago mafia used an array of weapons These weapons included the Tommygun, which sprayed bullets at high rates. The semiautomatic revolver, and the double barreled shotgun, which shot spreads of bullets. All of these weapons caused a great amount of death in the 1920s.

Speakeasies : 

Speakeasies One of the places where bootlegged liquor was served were speakeasies. Speakeasies were hidden bars where alcohol was served Speakeasies where frequented by common folk but also by law enforcement

Decline in Mafia Activity : 

Decline in Mafia Activity When the 21st amendment was ratified the activity in Chicago mafia declined With no illegal liquor the mobsters could not make the lucrative profits that they had made before. Chicago mob activity died at this point

Chicago Mafia Today : 

Chicago Mafia Today The Chicago mafia today has died down but not out. The mafia still continues there are just different means revenue The mafia is not as bloody or violent as it was in the 1920s

THE ENDBibliography : 

THE ENDBibliography

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