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Adolf Hitler:

By: Charlie Bolles Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler:

Adolf Hitler Born on April 20 th , 1889 Born in Austrian town of Braunau near German border Parents- Alois and Klara, father beat him Had five siblings, one of two that became adults Fantastic student, popular for leadership qualities Very religious, considered becoming a monk

Sad Events with Hitler:

Sad Events with Hitler Alois died when Hitler was 13- 1903 Age 15- terrible in school and switched to avoid repeating Declined joining war, he became an artist Mom (Klara) died of cancer in 1907 Rejected joining war People said he was to weak

Appearance to Others :

Appearance to Others Described as odd and peculiar Sat in corners for long periods of time Sit in corner, head down, talking to himself Sudden outburst and make a speech People would join in and listen

Job in World War I:

Job in World War I Given the job as dispatch-runner Very dangerous job Carried messages from headquarters to front-line Won five medals, including the Iron Cross First time since school he felt special Wasn’t highly ranked because he was so strange

Hitler’s Speeches:

Hitler’s Speeches Arrive late to create tension Waited until complete silence to speak Very nervous in first few months of speaking Get the audience very into it by powerful words Audience willing to do anything after speech Became very popular and powerful due to speeches

Death of Hitler:

Death of Hitler Picture of mom in hand at death- 1945 Died on April 30 th , 1945 in underground bunker Ate dog’s pill and shot himself Married Eva Braun two days before death Currently buried under shadow of Berlin Wall Big shock to the Germans

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