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Concentration Camps:

Concentration Camps By: Connor McCormick

What they were used for:

What they were used for Nazi’s used concentration camp to: Kill Confine Torture And work people

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Most people at concentration camps were crammed into one room and either not fed a lot or not fed at all. The Jews at these camps were treated badly and with no respect at all.

Types of people who stayed at concentration camps:

Types of people who stayed at concentration camps Jews Political prisoners Criminals Homosexuals Gypsies The mentally ill All these people stayed at concentration camps because Hitler didn’t think that they were what he described as the “perfect human.“

When they were made:

When they were made Concentration camps generally started around 1933 right after the Reichstag fire and were intended to hold prisoners and opponents of the regime These horrible camps started to end around 1938 and officially ended in 1939

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Bibliography (images)

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