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Hitler’s Family :

Hitler’s Family By: Coco Gusho Baby Hitler Young Hitler

Adolf Hitler:

Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 Father was Alois Schickelgruber Mother was Klara Hitler Born in Braunqu Two of his siblings died from diphtheria

Adolf’s Mother: Klara Hitler:

Adolf’s Mother: Klara Hitler Born in Spital, Austria, on August 12, 1860 Had two kids from her previous marriage Twenty-three years younger than Alois Hitler Roman Catholic Attended church regularly Had five children with Alois Hitler

Adolf’s Father: Alois Schickelgruber :

Adolf’s Father: Alois Schickelgruber Born in Strones , Austria, on June 7, 1837 Very strict on Adolf (beat him) Married Anna Glass, Franziska Matzelberger, and Klara Polzl Never lived to see his son kill masses of people in WWII Customs officer Died on January 3, 1903

Slide 5:

Born on January 21, 1896 Only sibling to survive until adulthood Age 64 when she died Never joined Nazi party Died on June 1, 1960 Paula Hitler

Gustav-Ida-Otto-Edmund :

Gustav-Ida-Otto-Edmund Gustav, Ida, Otto, and Edmund were all siblings of Adolf Hitler Ida and Gustav died of diphtheria Otto lived for only three days Edmund died of the measles Ida - September 25, 1886 - January 2, 1888 Gustav - May 15, 1885 - December 8, 1887 Otto - 1887 Edmund - March 24, 1894-February 2, 1900 Diphtheria- spreads through coughs or sneezes, and is an infectious disease Measles- is very contagious and is commonly spread by coughing or sneezing What Edmund died of What Ida and Gustav died of

Hitler Family Tree:

Hitler Family Tree Adolf Hitler Alois Hitler Klara Hitler


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